A Divine Influencer


Photo taken by yours truly, August 2018


Photo by me, taken at The Granada in Lawrence, KS

Recently I found myself in a crowd of people, bathed in blue light and fog. Cold and dreamy sounds emanated from two interdimensional beings on the stage before us.

Entranced by the icy cosmogoths, I stood and absorbed their blend of 80s New Wave and dark, enigmatic beauty. By the end of the night, I was transformed but into what, I do not know. All I can say is that I witnessed some otherworldly art and afterwards, I laid down  a wad of cash for some vinyl, something I rarely do. As you can see from my blog’s name and aesthetic, it’s a perfect fit.

Deb DeMure is the entity behind Drab Majesty, joined by Mona D.

In a 2016 interview with Heathen Harvest, Andrew Clinco said, “I want to be clear (and I have been in the liner notes of most of my recordings) that my particular creative process very much involves the relinquishing of control from my earthly body and over to a Divine influencer in order to “receive” my ideas.  This concept is by no means something new as Divine dictation and the surrender of control is one of the most crucial tenets to the Occult path.  Deb DeMure, the archetype whom I have discovered as my intermediary between the void and the form, is who I pay homage to when I assume that identity in a performance setting.” 

Read the rest of the interview here and check out some of their songs below: