The Ghostly Bride

Hey boy and ghouls, I’ll make this short and sweet. Recently I took part in an old-school séance photoshoot, photographed by a lovely lady named Shawn Tabitha. I played a ghost bride and was joined by Shawn’s sister Simone, the medium. The Pumpkin Prince also participated, assisting the medium by transcribing the séance contacts. The beautiful room, our setting, was designed entirely by the Pumpkin Prince. He has quite the background in haunted house set design. The dress I wore was from his collection of old ghostly frocks worn by mannequins in various projects.


Are there any spirits that would speak with us tonight? 


She revealed…the death card. 


The vengeful bride stood between them, ready to slice the silence. 


A chill brushed his hand…




Forever haunting…

Lastly here’s a few portraits and group shots for fun, without the ghostly translucent effect created by long exposure photography:


Come join us for the tea party – there’s a seat for you at our table anytime. You might never leave.



Happily ever after.  ❤ 


Play with us? 


17 thoughts on “The Ghostly Bride

      • I love all that weirdness they were into at the turn of the last century, actual photos of a ghost / ectoplasm etc – they must have been very odd people about back then, both on the fakers side and the believers!

        These are very endearing too, I wonder if the spirits were watching . . . perhaps?? 😮 😮

      • I’m sure the real spirits were having a good chuckle. We were going to do some ectoplasm shots but the stuff our medium brought to put in her mouth ended up being coated in cat hair. 😀

  1. Excellent set of photographs.

    I love what you did here.

    You know the great film director Orson Welles once said that ghosts actually show up better in black and white photos than in colour.

    Which must be true.

    Because in the black and white photo taken on my paternal grandmother’s wedding day, the spirit of her mother (My paternal great-grandmother) showed up in the photo wearing a white late Victorian wedding dress. She had died 20 years earlier.

    Sadly when my dad’s house was sold, I never knew what became of that old photo.

    Since it was taken in an age before Photo Shop, it was a photo that served as strong evidence of an afterlife.

    • Thanks Dracul, I was just thinking I have been a ghost, a murderous clown, and other creepy girl characters, but never a vampiress yet. Maybe that will come next. 😀

      I’m with Orson. Ghostly photographs should be colorless and gloomy. Anything white is going to pop more, too. That is fascinating about your great-grandmother showing up in the wedding day photo! I would love to see it so that’s a shame it disappeared with the house. I have nothing creepy to report within my family, but the Pumpkin Prince has loads of stories, many of which he shares on his podcast, which dares to explore all things creepy, macabre, and unusual in and around Kansas City, if you’re ever interested:

  2. Whoa 😲! This is a delightfull Ruby Gloom photo album. Congrats to everyone. My favorite photo is Happily Ever After. Your costume and make-up has that ghost with a story look, almost a 1930’s film set look. I like the casual ax and knife presentation. Now that is an impressive wedding picture. This Noir marriage will work but I suspect the neighbors are in for some midnight scares. Great job!

    • Thank you very much. 🙂 We’re proud of our efforts. Love the dead expressions in the Ever After one. 😀 You can tell we’re about to paint the town red! Teamwork makes the dream work! ❤

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