A Divine Influencer


Photo taken by yours truly, August 2018


Photo by me, taken at The Granada in Lawrence, KS

Recently I found myself in a crowd of people, bathed in blue light and fog. Cold and dreamy sounds emanated from two interdimensional beings on the stage before us.

Entranced by the icy cosmogoths, I stood and absorbed their blend of 80s New Wave and dark, enigmatic beauty. By the end of the night, I was transformed but into what, I do not know. All I can say is that I witnessed some otherworldly art and afterwards, I laid down  a wad of cash for some vinyl, something I rarely do. As you can see from my blog’s name and aesthetic, it’s a perfect fit.

Deb DeMure is the entity behind Drab Majesty, joined by Mona D.

In a 2016 interview with Heathen Harvest, Andrew Clinco said, “I want to be clear (and I have been in the liner notes of most of my recordings) that my particular creative process very much involves the relinquishing of control from my earthly body and over to a Divine influencer in order to “receive” my ideas.  This concept is by no means something new as Divine dictation and the surrender of control is one of the most crucial tenets to the Occult path.  Deb DeMure, the archetype whom I have discovered as my intermediary between the void and the form, is who I pay homage to when I assume that identity in a performance setting.” 

Read the rest of the interview here and check out some of their songs below:


41 thoughts on “A Divine Influencer

  1. This is all weirdly rather good! Reminds me a bit of Ariel Pink, I shall have to come back and plunge these depths some more, I really like the interview too. This sort of music, it takes me back to another time, its so strange, you know how when you hear something and you’re like oh yeah, and you get a picture of a time and place? Its got that vibe – he must have his hands on poles! Yeah, its growing on me – keep an eye on me, I might end up getting a haircut like that and going about in shades – sounds like you had a good night out there! 😀 😀

      • Oh God yeah! First stop 1980something! Haha, its weird to look back on those times, cos there were a lot of those sounds around, looking thru thee olde reversed telescope thing of time, it compresses all the music into one big mulch of synth dreams, but in reality there was a lot of other stuff around at the time too, like disco, reggae, soul, slop, bilge, and pap! LOL Seriously tho, I’m having trouble typing cos the bluetooth keeps dropping off the keyboard and mouse, also the whole comp keeps crashing, this computer is dying!

        Yah, I was walking thru the market the other week and this woman was selling second hand CD’s, and playing some dodgy tune that went “Nothing ever lasts forever” which I thought sounded like Talk Talk, I was thinking what is that song?? I know this! Turned out it was actually Roxy Music, I never mistook Roxy for anything else like that, but come to think of it, its all 80’s synth and not a million miles apart – reason it sounded more like the former band was cos her stereo was some cheap box lost all the bass and sounded SO Lo-Fi, but actually, it was quite penetrating, I liked it, it placed me somewhere in that 80s dream bubble! As does Drab Majesty! Will certainly look int other some more – maybe make a purchase towards the end of the week.

        Hey – I heard this tune on a TV drama today, Perfume Genius – “Queen” just had to look it up, pretty far out music + video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7OSSUwPVM4

      • Really been getting into this Drab Majesty today – played it numerous times i the week, then kept going back to Ariel Pink, (there’s really no comparison, I just didn’t know his stuff that well) then today I really Got Drab Majesty for the first time – its a way of thinking! I love it! I just don’t want to buy it on Bandcamp, I want the CD’s, but they are hard to get – but I shall do! Dammit, its astral 🙂

      • Oh, excellent! ❤ Join the club. I just use Spotify and then I have one record of theirs. You know what, I just watched some Ariel Pink music vids. I'm hooked! So strange, he looks a little like Kurt Cobain, he's a beautiful man. And the songs I listened to were slow and dreamy.

      • I ordered the 2 Drab Majesty albums on CD, and I’m waiting to buy Ariel Pinks “Dedicated to Bobby Jameson” seemed very quirky, (they have it online good price, but I’m wanting to support the high st shop on this one, since the price tag is actually good 🙂

        That Drab Majesty stuff is so unusual in the themes he talks about – I like it a lot, I have to wait, cos mot of the disks on ebay are coming from USA, I like to have the artwork and so on, but I don’t like vinyl so much these days, simply cos its a bit of a hassle getting the player set up & not scratching the records etc.

      • Hooray! Enjoy your purchases. When do you listen to music the most, is it around the house? At work? I wonder if you’ll have them by the end of this week. The good thing about buying vinyl now is practically everything comes with a little code so you can download the songs and have them on your ipod or whatever device you want.

      • Yes, the Kero Kero Bonita CD was like that, I got the DL, but the CD is not out for months yet – I wonder if they plan to use the advance cash to pay for the actual disks!!

        The first of the 2 disks arrived yesterday, I’m waiting for the 2nd album to come – I had been playing them free on Bandcamp, but it keeps asking me to buy! I just wanted the physical object on this one, cos I find them so intriguing – I have about 60 or so vinyl records, but haven’t bought any new ones since CDs come out, just seems weird to me people like vinyl still, oh I like the size of it, and the weight and all that, but its a bit of a hassle, cos they are so fragile – and it means I have to plug the record player in, and its not so easy to skip tracks etc if you want to!

        I converted some of my vinyl into digital, so I could get it on my iPod, without having to re-purchase, but in the end, I did replace some of them, cos something was lost in the transfer.

        Here’s a thing of my experience – when CDs come out, I thought ok, I’m gona get something with a good production on it, to test this new format out, so I went for Tusk album by Fleetwood mac – the quality to my ears was just amazing – I was blown away! Well, pleased as I was, I was recently shocked when I found out they’d remastered it back in 2005 or whatever, why?? I thought it sounded so good, but if it could sound even better, I wondered? The sound on the CD was kind of clinical, thats what I liked about it, so I wondered if the digitalised version had lost some of the original? Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be so clinical, even tho I loved it for exactly that reason! So anyhow, (this was just the other day) I looked up the new remasters on you tube and had a sample, they have altered it, but only by upping some of the tracks adding some sounds that weren’t apparent, thats my reading of it, and yet people on the amazon reviews are saying ,wow, its so good, don’t buy the old version, go for this remaster! But I preferred mine! Well, its what I’m used to now.

        This is, if you go and see live music, its so loud, you can never replicate it at home, same with live classical, those vibrating violin strings, you can feel it, that cant be replicated by a speaker, not to the same degree! I think good bass sounds can be replicated better, I’m not a fan of classical really, (to better answer a question form elsewhere) but I do think classical has the quality for sound way beyond any electrical amplified music – would you agree? Xx

      • All the old stuff is collectable now, and even here, it’s not vinyl that’s so exciting now, it’s cassette tapes people are collecting, even though the quality is crap. Hipster trend gone too far? But yes you’re right with the vinyl I do find myself wishing I could easily skip tracks. I like playing those around the house though because I have great speakers.

        Either my ears aren’t sensitive enough because my hearing sucks having gone to so many concerts without wearing earplugs…or I’m not as picky, but I’m just happy if it plays without skipping, haha. I’m only a fan of classical if I’m in the mood, which isn’t often. Maybe during a game of chess. And yes I would agree on the classical sound quality, having been to some live symphony performances.

      • Its really bizarre to me why people want cassette tapes back! I used to love them for the ability to copy friends music, but then if you really liked the music, you would want the better format! Why hipsters why??!! Having said that, Louise likes tapes! Thats another of those peculiarities!!

        I mentioned someplace else on WP my dad used to play waltz music in the 70s, so I had a little think about that, perhaps he noticed it lightened my miserable teenage spirits – I look back now and see the humanity I couldn’t really appreciate at the time 🙂 Seriously tho, some of those tunes, they are so full of wistful cheer – probably the most cheerful music ever created, some day I shall revisit that era!

      • There’s always going to be something new (or old) the cool kids are collecting. Could be the nostalgia factor here.

        I can see you now booking it down a lonely road on your bike and listening to the most cheerful classical music. 😀

      • To answer the question when do I listen to music? I work part time, so I play music in the day at home – or if its the evening I play it on my headphones – but they’re not as good as the speakers, I’m playing that Tusk album right now, it sounds pretty good, not so good as it did yrs ago tho, cos I think I had a better system – and a smaller room, with carpets, its a bit less soft without the carpet, a kind of echo is added I think, hmm, also, used to smoke a lot of ganja, which somehow seemed to stimulate everything, but I can still get into my sounds without blowing my top! 😉

        This stereo I’m using is meant to be so good, but the CD player is garbage, this disk was skipping so much, I put it in my pooter and used a cable to play it thru the amp + speakers no jumping! Apple stuff, its expensive, but its good! I never used to allow disks to get scratched in ye olde days, but then I got lax in my halcyon ganja days, man, it was crazy! My disks got scratched! LOL shows you just what I consider mad & bad behaviour! Yeah, well everything was still kept alphabetical by bedtime! 🙂

        Now I’m poised, should I replace my Tusk album for the newer remaster? Still cant decide, I dont play it all that much, maybe replace the stereo instead, or both!

      • Tusk is a great album to own. I mostly listen to music in the car or at home if I’m cleaning, cooking, or crafting. I’m using my dad’s old record player from the 80s. It needs a new needle. I have an ipod nano as well (for the car). Have had it forever and it even went through the washing machine and survived!

        Election Day is next week and there will be ganja questions on the ballot!

      • My record player isn’t all that accessible, I saw I could replace all my stranglers for £20. was tempted, but really I don’t play it more than once every 18months or so, so its kind of in the balance, do I plug it in, clean it all off, cant skip tracks, etcetc, it doesn’t have a great needle or owt, just a cheapo deck.

        Oh yeah, back in the glorious days of ganja smoke, I’d play albums back to back, drink tea & coffee, have friends round, good living! Cloud 9 baby! 😀 Music and food both go well with stimulants like that, far out! All good fun, till you slowly begin to go mad!! LOL Good while it lasts! I think its maybe good to legalise, but maybe not, but ultimately, each to their own! Let the people decide – I don’t really think its good to restrict freedoms, so I say Free the weed! 😀

      • Ya, doesn’t sound like it’s worth it. 😦

        At this point we’ll have to study other states here that have legalized it, and Canada, too – to see how things are going. My father was saying even in states it’s been legalized, there’s still a ton of it being sold on the black market to avoid taxes and regulations. Not sure where he got that information but he’s usually pretty good about finding quality resources for information. Regardless, whether people buy it legally or not, some money will still be made legally that the states can use for other good things, and people will be happy in their little clouds of smoke. And all the medical benefits are important, of course!

    • Yes,, its not a straightforward one, people tend to withdraw into their own little worlds, but thats ok too, cos a lot of people are so badly tuned, they don’t even know they have an inner world for all the crap they watch on TV, something like that! I do think a lot of people are seriously constricted by the system, and for many, drugs seem to be a route out, daft tho that is, it can turn productive. I’m sort of split on the decision. Also, another con side to it, people are going to be driving high – they already do, as a motorcyclist, I can smell it following cars – thats pretty dangerous really, and that may well increase with legalisation. Then again, its practically the norm nowadays, rite of passage or whatever -there is the gateway to other drugs aspect is worrying, I don’t know! I just don’t know! I don’t see the problem going away by continuing to pursue users, in fact, for many it makes it more fun to be breaking the law! I’m told drug use is falling in someplace’s where its legal – people see all the hash shops in Amsterdam, and it makes them want to avoid!

  2. Interesting. There absolutely exist esoteric or ‘occult’ paths where one does not surrender control, however. In fact, in some esoteric paths it would be counter-indicated and result in complete failure.

    • I’m no expert on the occult, but come to think of it I recall LaVeyan Satanism as being one such path where one would not surrender…to anything, I guess? Since they reject the existence of a supernatural being and instead exalt the self.

      • Don’t know. Had a friend who looked into LaVey when we were teenagers, but none of the stuff he showed me appealed to me. However it seems strange to me, simply on a logical level, that some system which rejects the existence of supernatural beings could be called occult.

      • I had a couple friends who were LaVeyan Satanists. It’s odd, but though they reject the existence of supernatural beings, Satan is very symbolic to them. I suppose it is considered occult since they practice their own form of magic.

  3. I think it was very fitting that my first contact with the outside world after walking through the mountains of north Georgia and North Carolina was your blog with such an ethereal selection of Devine Enfluencer music. I thank you for that. Playlist updated.

  4. Great tunes, they were. I found out the only thing I forgot was my headphones so no tunes on the trail. Sure could have used some motivational music going up those mountains. Is your zen still topped off from your trip?

    • I’m a little surprised to hear you would listen to tunes on the trail. I pictured you listening to nature’s soundtrack but for motivation, yes! That might be necessary up some of the most grueling parts. And yes I’m still full of zen. 🙂

      • Oh yes, late at night snuggled in my little tent, I plug in the tunes and let music and nature’s late night cacophony lull me to sleep. The forest really comes alive at night. And those uphill climbs, all you can hear from miles around is Lord Geezer huffing and puffing his way to the top. 😳💨. Glad to read you are fully zenned. I dare say, I know that feeling.

      • LoL! I certainly gave the ole cardio-pulmonary system a good work out. I signed the log books at the shelters Lord Geezer, 9th Earl of Huff-n-Puff and the hiking community loved that trail name so I had a lot of fun with them.

      • I think I learned determination and perseverance as a young man and that makes a huge difference. I also lie to myself and tell myself pain burns more calories. 😆 OBTW, howz that ankle doing? Much better, I do hope.

      • I think it’s true…there is no easy way to burn calories…it’s hard work and yes, some discomfort! My ankle is doing somewhat better. I think I still have a ways to go, but am finally noticing a tad more improvement. Once I’m all healed up I’d love to take a boxing class.

      • Yeppir buddy! You gotta have fire to burn them calories. Glad to read your ankle is doing better. I know those long recoveries can really cramp your style. That is so cool that you want to try a boxing class. One of my Dragon Grandsisters may be of interest to you. Search for Angela Lee MMA on YouTube and watch her. I recommend her fight with another Dragon Sister Mai Yamaguchi. If anything shows true heart and skill, these two Warriors are the definition of it. Both are truly amazing and inspirational, which is only because of their family, coaches, and rigorous dedication. Mai is Japanese and Angela is American from Korean descent. The heart of a lioness and the strength and cunning of a dragon can teach us many things.

      • Dang it it has definitely cramped my style! I think I’m finally ready to renew my gym membership, though. Wow, I did look up that fight on YouTube and those warrior girls pack some major muscle! It was an amazing dance to watch. ❤

      • I’m glad you liked watching Mei and Angela. MMA can often be found lacking in real class or true warrior ethos but those two ladies are true warriors and great sports. They bring honor to the art of the fight. It’s hard coming back from joint and ligament damage and the attending surgery if any but real heart gets real results. You got that. You’ll be your own champ soon.

      • I went out this past weekend and covered a one mile climb with 860 feet of elevation gain in 23 minutes, total distance was 8.4 miles rated extreme due to the constant attacks by amorous chipmonks. That’s moving pretty fast for a geezer like me. I love chipmonks, but not like that. Strange what a little motivation can do. I say never give up, but do rest when no chipmonks are sizing you up for the takedown.

      • Whoa. I am in awe of you and your inspiring trek! Chipmonks be damned! You could do what my Uncle Paul once did, and feed a poor chipmonk one of those Dots candies. It probably never opened its mouth again it was so busy chewing for years.

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