The Pumpkin Prince

Just in time for a loved one’s special day on September 7th! Cheers to a man who lives for Hallowe’en, who haunts like nobody’s business, and who I am incredibly lucky to know. Here’s a silly poem I wrote. Happy Birthday, my dear. ❤

The Pumpkin Prince

Once Autumn’s chill blows in

And sweaters cover skin

Once there’s October rain

And midnight strikes again

You’ll see him in the woods

He’s going to scare you good

You’ll see him in your dreams

He’s going to make you scream

You’ll see him in your mirror

He’s creeping ever nearer

Once the dead leaves fall

And you hear the raven’s call

When jack-o’-lanterns glow

Then you’ll surely know

The Pumpkin Prince is here

And everything you fear

Will haunt you day and night

And give you quite a fright

He’s really very caring

With each and every scaring

He’s also well-dressed

In a spider silk vest

And an all black suit

With sturdy lace up boots

And a blood-soaked tie

That makes the children cry

His wicked grin

Is filled with sin

And hollow eyes

Will mesmerize

There’s just one thing that you can do

To keep the prince from scaring you

This is how the legend goes

You had better listen close

On Monday pet a cat

On Tuesday spy a bat

Wednesday do not speak

Not a single peep!

On Thursday drink some red wine

Friday find a pumpkin vine

And wear it like a crown

Saturday take it down

Fill a bowl with candy corn

And he’ll be gone on Sunday morn

Gone, gone into the mist

There goes the Pumpkin Prince

Lonely and sad-eyed

Seeking his pumpkin bride

Until his heart is taken

Every year he awakens

He shall reign supreme

Every Hallowe’en



Me, the Pumpkin Princess. Photo by Javier Galegos. 

Lastly, here’s a special video for you to enjoy (hey wait a minute, did this guy steal ALL my dance moves?) Read more about this guy here:


22 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Prince

  1. LMAO 😂! Your poem and Matt G’s dance of the Pumpkin King just made my month for me. I had to rest and catch my breath for a minute before I could respond. Laughing one’s butt off is a breath taking endeavor. You always do such a great job with your poems. I have no idea how you were able to rhyme so sublime in a fun metered time. I especially liked the weekday ritual. Your pumpkin princess is rocking it, you should do a pumpkin dance video too. I could see from the article that Mr. G has an ample supply of fun and Kool genes. It’s the perfect Halloween duo. Even though it isn’t my birthday, this was a real treat. I’m sure the loved one who this is dedicated too is quite pleased to have you in their life.

    • I hope Matt G’s moves inspired you to get up and dance? 😀 I may be working the pumpkin head again soon and when I do, you can be sure there will be dancing. I appreciate your kind thoughts on my work. As I was telling my guy, the poem began as a serious sonnet and soon morphed into a goofy Halloween poem. I couldn’t help it! Apparently I have pleased the Pumpkin Prince with this offering!

      And ya, I went on YouTube and searched for “dancing pumpkin man.” Lots more gems besides what I posted here. 😉

      • Whats freaking me out is how you knew about my pumpkin fetish? 😉

        I just finished watching the TV series “Leftovers” that was pretty far out, have you seen it? I think you might like that, its pretty Lynchian when it gets going! Xx

      • Ya don’t say?! I’m wearing pumpkin print pajama pants and eating pumpkin spice cereal right now. Oh my, the smooth, round, orangey flesh…so lovely! So sensual.

        I can’t seem to find Leftovers on IMDB. What year?

      • Oh my! ❤

        Leftovers – its a TV series, 3 seasons, so its quite a bit to watch, worth it tho if you're at all into boxsets! Its based on a book for series one, in which 2% of the population are "taken up" or "raptured" or whatever – the remaining population react with increased religious awareness, so they all get superstitious and erratic – things get increasingly surreal and sudo scientific as season 2 & 3, its just weird, and gets weirder as it goes on – I loved it!

      • You’d probably love Leftovers, sometimes its worth doing a box-set instead of a film, cos you’re not limited to the 1hr+50mins format, I think its fair to say everyone fell in love with the character Nora Durst, played by Carrie Coon – when I read a review, this guy just went on and on about how good she was, I was thinking hmm, yeah, I you sure you haven’t just fell in love with her just a bit?? Her part was sweet, sensual, moving, despairing, etc, etc, yea, she was good! Lot of other characters were too, but her part really demonstrated the depths of motherhood and all that, put it this way – how do you demonstrate on film a believable character, prepared to give their life for a child? Yeah, they nailed that! Very good, but lots more plot besides that too! Seriously, it really was very good! 🙂

      • Well I hope you do get to see it – the review I read actually gave a way to many spoilers, I still had a few episodes to go when I read it and although I didn’t feel like it spoiled it, looking back I wish I hadn’t read those extra details now, cos I knew what was coming! (I didn’t tell you the details like he does so I won’t post the link) I enjoyed it so much I could happily sit thru the whole thing over again! I’d be like – oh this is the bit where . . . . all the while munching some noise munchies! 😀 😀

    • Thank you, Chris! He is definitely Prince Charming and I’m a lucky gal. We intend to watch as many Halloween classics as we can this season, including It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. 😀

  2. Wow! Loved the poem dear! You have written very amazingly… Bravo👌 I have also written about Halloween during Halloween week around 5-6 poems…if you have time you check my blog! Cheers 💐 Have a beautiful Halloween week🎃🍪🍰🤗🍀🌿🍀🎄💛

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