A Piece of You

A recent dream about a depressed friend turned into a poem:


Scarlett Johansson, from Under the Skin


Disappear in the dirty mirror,

Tragedy that you are.

Lost one, can you hear us calling you?

Come back…

Your blood stirs.

Can you see us?

Loving eyes searching for you.

Your eyelids twitch.

Can you smell that?

Your future, decaying flesh.

Your nose wrinkles.

Can you taste that?

Warm bread and butter, a glass of wine, melted chocolate. Your last?

You salivate.

Can you touch us?

Your hands like claws, digging out from that hell hole.

We reach desperately, our hands grasping, slipping,

But you fall

The mirror breaks

and you shatter into a hundred pieces

We all take a fragment to remember you by,

Each piece sharp and painful,

cutting, always.






18 thoughts on “A Piece of You

  1. To let a friend in your dreams says a lot of nice things about you, Lauren. What a dream though. My personal interpretation is about losing the battle with depression and not being able to reach out and all that is left is the painful memory in those that cared and wanted to help. The reach, the grasp, the slip, the shattered mirror and the reflection is so gripping. I hope your friend grabs hold and never lets go. The wine and chocolate can work miracles especially when shared with a friend.

    • I’m not sure if I have control over such things, but I suppose caring about and thinking about a person enough gives them more power to enter your dreams. 🙂 Last I heard, my friend was hopeful and doing better than ever, but then he disappeared as he often does, and usually when this happens he comes back extremely depressed and bitter. I have to remain hopeful that he will even return at all. Thank you for reading, and as I write this I’m sipping on rosé! Now, to hunt for some chocolate. 🙂

      • I do hope your friend is well. If we can do nothing, we can still hope and offer kindness. Perfect! While you sip Rosé and sample good chocolate, Alexandra just posted up a new scene and methinks she may have eaten the wrong kinda mushrooms. Whew, that girl does have some wild dreams.

      • That is good news. I hope good spirits remain. It has been a strange year for a lot of people, myself included but finding a way to smile and the ocassional snort laugh has kept us all cruising toward a better sunrise. No worries, Alexandra is hanging around for when you have time to visit. She is catching on quickly to her new surroundings.

  2. Thats good writing Drac, very good!

    This got me thinking, cos I been out at the Bronte’s house this afternoon, I’m recalling the scene where Heathcliff tries to pull Cathy back to life thru the window during/after his dream, its very alike 😮 ❤

  3. Very powerful poem.

    A friend of mine two years ago was able to reach out to me and prevent me from shattering into a thousand pieces.

    So I wouldn’t become decaying flesh.

    So that all that would be left of me would be a piece sharp and painful to remember me by.

    So that I would now be able to have many glasses of wine and many more melted chocolates.

    • Thank you Chris! That is one amazing friend you have, and I hope your dark days are over for good. ❤ At least some of that darkness can be released through writing, and humor never hurts. My friend in need lives very far away. It's been a real rollercoaster ride this year and I'm thankful his support network has grown. Wine and chocolate for all!

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