I fell for a most special girl last year
But oh, she did make my heart ache
For seven somber months she disappeared
Until now, called, and said “go to the lake”

Dusk arrives and so do the fireflies
By the water’s edge is where we will meet
My hand goes through you and where are your eyes?
You’re floating along without any feet

Where is the beautiful voice I once knew
The one that could melt my heart with a song
I just can’t believe what they say is true
But it seems you’ve been dead all along

Let me kiss those grey lips forevermore,
Hand my heart to the ghost that I adore



10 thoughts on “Ghostluv

  1. Wow, this is beautiful Dracu, it goes really well with the added picture, I put my mind on pause till I learn more, you’re beautiful!

    I wonder why has she no feet? Strange, I had been reading up on Richard III, who was found in Leicester a few yrs ago, minus his feet, which was also odd, hence my frame of reference is obviously totally off, its an unsolved mystery to me, where on earth are Richard III’rds feet?

    But anyway, this is a beautiful conundrum, Don’t kiss that dead girl Dracu!! Please!!! 😉 😉 Xx

    • Thanks friend! ❤ I think I pictured this particular apparition as wearing a long dress, long enough to cover the feet. As for Richard III that's disturbing! You could start a podcast discussing the whereabouts of his feet. 😀

      No kisses for me! She belongs to another.

      • Well the theory is they were chopped off accidentally at some point in the distant past by a gardener, or a builder who wasn’t aware the kings body lay there – sounds like the makings of a brothers Grimm story to me!

        Your piece reminds me more of Ophelia, as painted by Millais, I never noticed she has no feet in the picture, perhaps someone chopped them off!! 😀 😉

      • I’m sure there was plenty of toe jam caked up by that time! Oh that piece by Millais is so beautiful. I think her little footsies were swallowed up by the dress. I hope!

  2. What Ogden said. This is just first rate awesomeness. I loved the meet up. “Where are your eyes and your floating along with no feet…” This did it for me. My head elves swooned and that dark heart with no eyes or feet rang my bell in tune with the firefly flashes. Tim Burton just can’t hold a candle to you or else that really cool picture of you will have too much light. I may be developing an obsession. Can you please do more like this. 😎🕶

    • I can always count on you and Ogden to make me smile. Tim Burton is certainly a huge influence for me. Beetlejuice 2 is coming! And so are more dark poems by me, although I don’t like the idea of being tied down to 100% creepy content.

      • I somehow deduced Tim Burton was not a stranger to you 😉. You have such a range that you can tap into and always great content. I check each day for that email that signals Alienscribe has posted a new blog. I scorch the scales on my little Dragon tail making my way over to your blog. I look forward to it. 🤓

    • I pride myself on that range! It’s hard getting faithful readers though when they don’t know what to expect. That’s what makes a blog popular after all…people become repeat readers when they are looking for specific content, and if you keep it consistent, they’ll keep coming. Also I don’t go out of my way to read new blogs and interact with people. You guys just showed up one day and for whatever reason, enjoyed my weirdness and style. Thank you.

      • Like minded people tend to find each other without much trouble. I remember the blog that captured my attention and made me realize your end of the blogoverse was home. I don’t remember how I landed on your blog but I’ll never forget the technicolor scene my head elves constructed when I read that first story. It was the long sought after cheek burning, face busting, eye squinty smile I was searching for. 😆

      • That’s true! I wish I could find more around here in the flesh. All my friends keep moving away or having families and disappearing. I’m blessed with my online friends, though. ❤

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