Buckle Up


It’s 2017. Setting: post-apocalyptic California. The US is divided into wastelands and civilized areas. Sexual encounters are a black market commodity where contracts are drawn up by lawyers prior to activity. The alternative is a designer robo-wife, so in your possession is an extremely attractive robot that caters to your every need. That is, until she short-circuits during some hot, sudsy sex. What do you do?! Hire a badass that can lead you through the dangerous desert to an abandoned robot factory so you can replace the girl of your dreams. But is she?

You’re watching Cherry 2000, a feminist Sci-Fi film from 1987. Cherry refers to the name of the robot, and 2000 is her model number. Highly recommended. It’s not about the acting, it’s about the entertainment – and I guarantee you’ll laugh a lot. If you enjoy Sci-Fi’s, the Wild West, Melanie Griffith (a red hot outlaw), and you’re an 80s music lover, then give it a go. It’s like a low-budget version of Mad Max with a big dose of weird.


CHERRY 2000, from left: David Andrews, Melanie Griffith, 1987. ©Orion Pictures


Other older Sci Fi films I like: Blade Runner, Tron, Fantastic Planet, The Fly, Alien, Logan’s Run, Zardoz, and many more. Moving forward in time, check out Turbo Kid, Tank Girl, The Matrix, and Dark City. What are your favorite Sci-Fi’s? Sometimes there’s great acting and a fantastic plot, sometimes not, but the films that are weak in one area usually make up for it in another – usually with funny memorable scenes, imagery, and music.

Cherry 2000 trailer for you:

Here’s a poem I wrote about Melanie Griffith’s character (E. Johnson) in Cherry 2000:

Edith “E” Johnson

Hot speed across barren wasteland

Engine roaring, she needs no man

Start a fight and she’ll break your bones

The desert calls, she rides alone

A renegade babe roaming wild

If you’re lucky she’ll flash a smile

Bright sky and sun scorched Earth sand blown

The desert calls, she rides alone

Dust devils spinning high and dry

Kiss the old city life goodbye

Disappear into the unknown

The desert calls, she rides alone

Bronzed and blue-eyed with fire-red hair

Leather fringe and the fiercest stare

A gun slinging babe far from home

The desert calls, she rides alone



CHERRY 2000, Melanie Griffith, 1987, (c) Orion

Below are some photos from a shoot I did last year – inspired by Mad Max and similar movies.



32 thoughts on “Buckle Up

  1. Awesomeness! We have similar taste in films, I love Cherry 2000, one of my fav films! Probably my favourite Melanie Griffith film, there’s a segment where they meet a tribe of ultra handsome Alpha Males too, which kind of balances out the Uber Female theme, she kicks some butt in this film! I’m also mad about Zardoz, which is just right up my street! (Thats just Brit speak for great!) I love the daftness of it, its probably better than The Time Machine (1960 version) which we’re all brought up on, Zardoz is certain to be influenced by it – we all used to watch Quatermass back then too, always on TV – a little more grown up than Dr Who, but just as far out!

    I don’t think I seen Fantastic Planet, or Turbo Kid, But I’m really into Dark City, another of my favs, got all of the others on the shelf, looking fwd to the new updates on Alien and Bladerunner.

    I can’t think of anything off hand to add to your list, but I maybe will i the week, if so you can guarantee I’ll be back to waffle!

    I Like the film Cypher – really a smart film, mind control and all that, also I got to mention Scott Pilgrim vs the World, not really Sci-Fi, but theres a blurred line between video games and reality I liked – its funny and sweet, I just loved that one!

    Melanie Griffith was in a De Palma film called Body Double which I really liked – some crazy stuff in that one! Not Sci-Fi tho, more of a slasher, but De Palmas plots are so crazy they go into the realms of Sci-Fi anyhow! Ha,ha, what a crazy film that was!

    There’s a Kurt Russel Sci-Fi springs to mind, I been wanting to see it again for yrs, its called “Soldier” its real low budget schlock if its the one i’m thinking of, again, its not real sic-fi, more futuristic commando type of stuff, about cyborgs.

    Speaking of which, there was one on tv yrs ago with an all star cast, people like Pamela Anderson and Dedbie Harry, Ice T, or perhaps not, but there were a lot of faces in it, kicking ass all over some futuristic military island, love to se it again, cos it was such fun!

    Your review and poem and pictures are great! It really shows your love for these genres, love it!

    PS I love the films of John Carpenter – Escape from New York and the follow up LA, same category as Mad Max films, all of which I love to bits! But I got to say, Cherry 2000 is just heaven for me!

    I’m also a big fan of the Phantasm horror series, not quite sic-fi, but definitely existential!

    You have seen Ex Machina I presume? Its not like Cherry 2000, but it is about cyber girls, some real good stuff in it. There’s an excellent dance scene with the robot very memorable! https://youtu.be/o6HXmYi6Jw8

    • Ah, thank you for reading and adding your faves! I’ve only seen Melanie Griffith in Cherry 2000 and Working Girl. Ha ha, I just love that weird little 50s colony/cult in the desert run by Lester the madman.

      Zardoz is just insane, and yes it is so YOU! My guy and I particularly like this bit when Sean Connery gets sucked into the pyramid. We like to emulate that scene around the house or wherever we may be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T–OhWI9-Ps

      Fantastic Planet is animated and I think you’d really be drawn into it. Music is groovy, too. Turbo Kid is a newer film but an 80s throwback. Lots of fun. Yeah we do love a lot of the same films! I’ve seen Scott Pilgrim vs the World and really enjoyed that, too. I will add Cypher to my list. And Soldier. AND Ex Machina, thank you for the reminder. That clip with the dance scene, whoa! I need a tutorial for that asap so I can take those moves to the local retro dance club!

      I’m also into the John Carpenter films you mentioned, and I often use those soundtrack tunes when I teach workout classes depending on what activities we’re doing. I saw Phantasm for the first time last year and couldn’t believe I’d gone so many years without seeing it. So rad! So now I need to see the rest.

      • Ha,ha, how I loved Phantasm! The ice cream salesman was a brilliant idea! I haven’t seen the new Phantasm film yet, I will, but I heard its not the very best of the series.

        I got to watch Cherry 2000 again sometime soon, its so homemade, it looks so much fun – one almost feels involved just watching it!

        That Sean Connery scene!! Madness! HE really plays the idiot brute in it don’t he? ITs funny when he falls into the pyramid I must say – the film Time Machine ends up in a future where everyone is an idiot, I see parallels there 🙂

        I put Futuristic Planet and Turbo Kid on my wish list so I don’t forget – I love films, you’ll love ex Machina, really thought provoking.

        Wow, I just looked up the theme from Escape from NY, amazing bit of music! I’d forgotten about that music – (I know he does his own) I really liked the music for Assault on Precinct 13, (film and music blows away the remake of course) JC is the man – amazing guy!

        I thought of a few more films for your list, (your list is pretty complete, but these classics weren’t mentioned) if you missed any of these you’re in for a treat!

        They Live
        Soylent Green
        Omega Man

        (also rans)
        Total Recall
        Event Horizon
        12 Monkeys
        Fifth Element

      • From ice cream vendor to action hero! Fabulous.

        Not to mention Sean Connery in his red man panties. 😀 Time Machine? Sounds like another one to add to my list.

        I love JC’s song “Vortex,” it’s probably my favorite. So many killer songs, though.

        Omg…They Live. Almost forgot about that one, definitely great! There’s some awesome They Live political memes floating around at this time. Have seen Fifth Element, Total Recall, and Event Horizon but none of the others, so your list is going to be keeping me busy for a while. Thank you!

      • Haha,I have Zardoz on dvd, I could be really tempted to watch it tonight! Something so great about that film!
        Did I mention last week, I was just out and about and some guy wandered by with a black T-shirt with the word “Obey” on it! Def text from the film They Live 🙂
        You’re welcome, you give me a couple to watch there too 🙂

      • Oh man! Went and saw the latest Alien film last night, “Alien Covenant” ITs true Sci-fi, really cold stuff, sci-fi-fi horror isn’t it – absence of all the frills of films like Star Wars, I never could say I “liked” the Aliens series, I admire the set design, the monster, the themes, the ideas, but overall, it leaves me cold, its a negative blank to me, the parasite always wins! Damn tho, good film! 😀

  2. I’ve never seen or heard of Cherry 2000. If it’s on Netflix or Amazon, I’ll be an alumni soon. I’m hooked on Sci-fi, it’s where I get all my research and development ideas. Absolutely love your photos. The scenes look like a cross between steampunk and Blade Runner which is my fav. Buzz Lightyear would definitely approve. 😎💫🚀

    • Whoops, got all carried and and forgot my comment on your Poem! Cherry is badass. She could be a Dragon Sister. I like the tone and the straight shooter spareness in the lines. It’s got that no debate delivery across the table in the bar to me. Me likes. 🤠

      • I would think it’s on Amazon, but I know it’s not on Netflix. This film was also funny to me since the setting was our current year. And thank you! I wish I could have done the photoshoot in an actual desert! I’m excited for the new Blade Runner coming out later this year. I know that it’s misleading since the girl pictured has red/cherry hair, but Cherry is the robot and the badass babe with red hair is named Edith but goes by “E.” I think you’d love the movie, though.

      • I’ll definitely see if I can find Cherry 2000. I enjoyed the psychological implications in Ex Machina. The ending left me believing there might be a sequel. I do know we have made a lot of advancements into artificial intelligence and while Cherry 2000 Ex Machina babes are definitely something some entrepreneur will try to create, we are 10 years from the first editions. The research in acceptance is significant and in our current society, the rates went 75% males and 45% females for an AI partner. The acceptance is much higher in service and production roles. I do enjoy ruminating on what this says about us. 😍😳🤓

      • Ex Machina is next on my list, thanks to you and Ogden mentioning it. Ha, what interesting statistics! Sheesh. And this makes me think back to some of your writing, too!

      • I couldn’t help myself. I’m easily enfluenced. I did try to rewrite the Dragons so it wouldn’t be so …….well, anyway, it didn’t work. The are still as whacky as I am for some reason. 😜💫🚀🐲. I just can’t resist a good Cybrid Girl story.

      • Just have to give in to that dragon sensuality and authentic Hyperion wackiness. 🙂 I’m still impressed at the creative term you came up with, “cybrid.”

      • You made my day, Lauren. When I rewrote the dragons I tried to hold on to their sensuality as a major driver in their lives. But, in all honesty, whacky is my true nature and it just can’t be supressed no matter how I try. I love the term Cybrid but I have to give credit to Dan Simmons and his Hyperion Cantos. His cantos is a science fiction bible for the future. While there are parts that drag on, the Hyperion Cantos is for the future what Game of Thrones is to the past. And now you know the origins of Hyperion Sturm. My love of Greek Mythology coupled with the planet Hyperion in Simmons’ cantos. The Dragons sort of play to the sensuality of the ancient Greeks. (My DNA tied me back to Spartan Greece as the origin of my breed, Dragonus Whackidoodlicus) 😉

      • Haha, it’s like most of the time when I’ve tried to write romantic poetry for various boyfriends it always turns out ridiculous, or at least I think so.

        So it sounds like I’ve got some more reading to do. 🙂 I’m reading a Sci-Fi at the moment, actually (Pattern Recognition by William Gibson).

      • Hi, it’s me again. I’ve been trying to reply but WP keeps doing weird things to stop me. I’m sure it’s for my own good. I totally relate to putting heart and soul into that special poem only to hear my head elves laughing so hard they break wind. Brain farts can be really disturbing during those special moments of creative romance. 🤢🤧😷😬😳🤣💨💨 I’ll check out Pattern Recognition, it sounds cool.

      • The last time I wrote romantic poem for someone I got a forced “Aww, that’s nice” kind of response and a little pat on the back. 😀 Cue the sad trombones! Still reading Pattern Recognition. I put it down shortly after I started as I was working late and preparing for the trip only to find myself with all the time in the world to finish reading it this upcoming week! And man is it good.

      • I’ve noticed a huge uptick in really good modern poetry and a massive downward spiral in poetry readers. I read where poetry uses a different part of the brain to process the lines and most humans don’t have much development in that area due to modern intake of information. Humanoids don’t exercise the poetry gene enough to keep it alive. In fact, some people are actually hostile when confronted with rhythm and rhyme. So, keep in mind, a persons reaction doesn’t define the quality of your work. For those that get it, it can be wordgasmic. I’m adding Pattern Recognition to my upcoming Amazon Books on Sale extravaganza. I like paper books better than ebooks but, I found my Kindle app can have hundreds of books in it and my house not so much. I have to recycle my library often. Oh, and I’ve never suffered from spoilers. I kinda like them actually. Hint hint hint 😉👍🏼 hope you are doing better. Keep those gummie bears going.

      • If poetry uses a different part of the brain to process it, I totally believe it. I took a poetry class in college and it was incredibly hard to understand and critique others’ poetry. I knew if I enjoyed the way it flowed, I appreciated the way things would roll off the tongue, words, lines, phrases that sounded beautiful and stirred my heart. Myself, I’ve mostly avoided free verse because I enjoy the challenge of adhering to a certain format and sticking to rhymes.

        Ha, I hope I encounter someone that’s truly hostile to rhythm and rhyme. There will be a poetry battle they’ll never forget! Thank you for the confidence upgrade!

        It’s too complicated for a detailed spoiler alert, hmm. An early 30s smartypants girl works in marketing as a “cool-hunter.” She’s hired to solve a unique internet mystery. She runs around in Tokyo, Moscow, and London and crazy shit happens. It’s a postmodern Sci-Fi kind of thriller. Excellent writing, beautifully crafted sentences. Simply inspirational. You know me, I love a strong female character.

        I’m doing better! Today I had a follow-up appointment where I was told I’m improving tremendously. I’ll still be on meds for a couple months but I’m feeling a lot better. I may even be able to wear contacts again at some point. I hate wearing glasses. It’s not that I feel unattractive in them, they’re just not the most fun thing when you’re into fitness and movement. And wearing eye makeup. 🙂 Two gummy bears left. I’ll probably have ’em tonight.

      • I think you have a well developed poetry interpreter. I’ve always loved the classic poets because their work was so structured. The meanings in the lines could escape me but the way the words flowed was like classical music. On the other hand, I can’t write poetry at all. I have tried and you may have seen a few efforts but it’s really not true poetry. I leave that to those with the real skill and talent. You would spin those poetry ne’er do wells in a circle. I’d pay to watch that.

        I gotta get me a copy of that story. It sounds quite interesting. Running around in Tokyo, Moscow, and London with crazy shit happening is very authentic. If crazy stuff is going to happen, it will happen in those cities first.

        Glad to see you are doing better. Keeping those peepers peeping is an important daily routine. I have the same problem with glasses. They are never where they are supposed to be and keeping up with the. Is a severe challenge for us elderly gents with age related eccentricities.

        I’m nursing a sore knee and I found water elon sour patch kids can relieve pain. A mouthful of them rascals and all you can feel is your palate overdosing. We cope well, don’t we? 😋

  3. Your love for that kind of genre is pretty intense. I just can’t get into schlocky sci-fi films, have to admit. The poem was really cool though, you seem to have nailed the whole vibe as far as I can tell, and those photos are masterpieces! As a matter of fact I watched a Melanie Griffith movie just yesterday that I’d been meaning to see for ages- Something Wild, from 1986. She plays a proto- manic pixie dream girl basically. It was a very good film. Plus Another Day in Paradise is more or less my favourite and she’s in it.

    • Haha! Truthfully if I’m in the mood to watch a movie, the first kinds I search for are comedies and horror, not Sci-Fi. But I do love music and films from the 80s. Glad you liked the poem and photos, though. As cheesy as the film was, I’m still a sucker for badass female characters. Last movie I saw with Melanie Griffith was Working Girl. Will have to check out the ones you mentioned.

      • Im ALL about 90s Hollywood films. They’re my happy place. Nostalgia factor a bit perhaps but also they havent really aged, whereas 80s seriously have. Music tho yeah defintely 80s over 90s. 90s music is pretty awful.

      • So name a few of the 90s crown jewels, in your opinion – I’d be interested to hear since that was my time, too. I do like some 90s music (Everclear comes to mind, and Alanis Morissette) but sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong decade.

      • Funny when I was typing 90s music is rubbish alanis morissette came into my head and I remembered how epicly singalong jagged little pill is. I love em all. In terms of ones ive caught on tv lately- Six Days Seven Nights, The Wild. My buddy here reckons the big orchestral soundtracks are half the reason. Which ones do you like?

      • It’s a great album, so raw and angsty. When I think of 90s movies it’s stuff like Clueless, Cruel Intentions, Pulp Fiction, Scream, Jurassic Park, Forest Gump, Titanic, Silence of the Lambs, Natural Born Killers, The Big Lebowski, and anything with Jim Carrey. I haven’t seen the two you mentioned, though!

  4. Those pictures are marvelous :O The Matrix is one of my favorite movies. I don’t know if Constantine counts as sci-fi. It’s more religious/fantasy, but fantasy and sci-fi are usually in the same boat, and coincidentally Keanu is in both. The first Mad Max I saw was Fury Road, and I absolutely loved it.

    • Thank you, dear! I haven’t seen Constantine but I’m always looking to add cool movies to my list so it’s on there now. I loved Fury Road, too. It was intense from start to finish and visually amazing.

      • Constantine was my favorite movie for quite a few years! Since I didn’t know anything about the comic it was based on (Hell Blazer), I didn’t come into it with any preconceived notions, so I enjoyed it greatly.

        Fury Road was phenomenal, and I was so happy/impressed with the feminist undertones to it.

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