The Blob

I snorted and hocked up a bright yellow blob, letting it ooze from my purple glossy lips and into a napkin. I looked around to see if anyone in the restaurant saw. It appeared I was safe for now. This wasn’t the first yellow blob and it wouldn’t be the last thanks to the sinus infection unleashing all its force on my body.

Through watery, irritated eyes I spied the girl who had just taken my to-go order walking hurriedly across the street while dragging on a cigarette. She looked like a Greek goddess except for the massive glasses that lounged on her nose. Nearby, a punky teen on a skateboard ran over a pebble or something and the board went rolling in the girl’s direction. She noticed it at the last second and hopped over it just in time, her lengthy dark hair billowing gracefully in the process.

I thought about the lentil soup I had ordered. Soon it would be swirling in my mouth, down, down, into my rumbling tum tum. I imagined the itch in my throat melting away, the pressure in my skull dissipating, and my sense of smell and taste returning brought on by the heat and powerful spices. Aladdin would come flying down and scoop me up onto his magic carpet. We would rule the night.

I snorted and hocked up a bright yellow blob.


8 thoughts on “The Blob

    • Haha! It’s the disgusting truth. I’m better now! Thanks to soup and rest. I have played Aladdin on SNES and it was one of the better ones, but Mario Kart is my absolute fave and I still play it. Donkey Kong Country coming in second and of course Super Mario Bros. 3. 🙂

  1. Oh, My! Only you can make a sinus infection poetic and interesting. You are that Kool. 😛 I was thinking about you, mainly because my Pinterest feed has been choked with colorful bug pictures labeled, “Pinned for You.” I was sure it was a subtle sign from the Dragon Masters. I do hope you are kicking that sinus bug in the boo-tay and feeling glorious.

    • Ha! I’m over it now, thank you. Oh yeah? Pinterest is easy to get lost in. I have a whole folder dedicated to iridescence and there are so many beetles that fit in that category.

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