The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award

Thank you to Apeksha Rai at The Owl of Minerva for nominating me for the Black Cat, Blue Sea Award.

black cat blue sea

Here are the rules for the award:

(1) Thank the blogger who nominated you

(2) Anybody nominated can nominate up to seven other bloggers. (Since I am on a bit of a WordPress hiatus to work on other writing projects I’ll skip this for now since it will be hard for me to choose).

(3) Anybody nominated answers three questions. The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions. If any of the questions asked are offending or simply do not want to be answered, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.

So here are her questions for me:

(a) If I ask you to minimize your life in exactly 5 nouns, 5 verbs and 5 adjectives, then what are those fifteen words going to be? I know this question’s weird, but at the same time it’s uncommon too!

Nouns: Energy, Duty, Courage, Passion, Darkness

Verbs: Organize, Create, Sweat, Fulfill, Morph

Adjectives: Strange, Calm, Independent, Introverted, Productive

(b) When you started blogging, what were the things you didn’t know? (Like I didn’t know anything-awards, reblogs etc.!)

I was mainly interested in learning how to add links, videos, and pictures. I didn’t know about awards, either.

(c) One thing you’re excessively proud of? Why? Getting rid of tons of material possessions over the past few years and reassessing my relationship with “stuff.” It’s been liberating and has created such peace in my life. It also allows me to save more money for important things, like experiences I can enjoy.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I’ll be back in the near future with more posts. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award

  1. Wowser! What a cool award. I’ll bet Wolfie liked this one too. I like them there nouns, verbs, and adjectives. I see a little of that creative ISTJ peeking through. Oh, and the last one. I am so jealous. As I approach 100 years old (I’m a ways off still but every year I get closer) I noticed I collect more junk and it gets harder to get rid of. I think I might have an attachment disorder to junk. I admire your ability to liberate yourself. It’s too late for me. I’m eventually going to have to call, We Chunk Junk and offer them a bonus for chunking all my junk with me clutching every piece and whining as it gets chunked in the back of the junk truck. I’m motivated now and it’s the weekend. First stop, refrigerator, and all the 2008 stuff is history! 😀

    • He turned his nose up because he’s grey and not black. 😉 It’s funny, there’s an older gentleman at work who I always thought was very similar to me and how he works. He’s great at what he does, too. I asked him last week if he had taken that Myers-Briggs test and he said he hadn’t. Guess what, he’s also an ISTJ…then again, that’s the most common type.

      You’re never too old. Check out The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. 🙂 Her methods gained popularity in Japan and now the US is catching on. You should get a new fridge. Spare us all and keep that door shut from the monsters growing inside!

      • Aha! Wolfie is quite the Kool Kat. That’s very interesting about your coworker. I’m thinking there are Dragon Masters plotting and planning again, Lauren. My budget analyst always seemed to sync up with me really fast on very complex funding issues on all my R&D projects. She’s 30ish and a real sharp gal like you. We had a lot of things pop up that caused me a lot of stress so I was down to see her two or three times a day. I thought about you and your story of the guy that bugged you that avoided a beat down by doing something nice. I was convinced, I was that guy in your story and I needed to do something fast. I apologized for bothering her and told her it was because I was an ISTJ heavy on the introvert part, which causes me to miss all the social warning signs that indicate I’m in serious trouble. She laughed and told me she was one too. We had a lengthy discussion about all our ISTJ quirks. I still live in mortal fear of being THAT GUY! Lucky for me, she has worked for the Army for ten years and is very familiar with veteran rehires that have a lot of loose screws. I haven’t told her about the Dragons yet. That might be a little too much.

        I’m ordering Ms. Kondo’s book right now! LOL! I decided to contract out that fridge job. I think more experienced people with the proper safety gear should do that job. 😀

      • Did you start reading Miss Kondo’s book yet?! I doubt you could ever be as annoying as my coworker. He’s not introverted at all. And he can’t sit still for more than a minute. There’s never any silence coming from his office…even his typing is incredibly LOUD with the door shut! Always good to have coworkers with similar personalities. I wonder how many ISTJs are at my actual office.

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