Nice People Win

“Nice people win.” That’s what my annoying coworker said as he winked and handed me a bag of dark sweet cherries. Yes, he’d been getting on my nerves lately and testing my patience. But, with a smile on my face and a calm demeanor, I’d been helping him with a variety of requests unrelated to my job during a busy period. The reward was lovely and came just in time, for I’d about had it. It also gave me that pay-it-forward mentality and I wanted to do something unexpected for someone else. Imagine if everyone took “nice people win” to heart…the world would certainly be a different place.

Unrelated, but some faithful blog readers have asked to see more detailed photos of my tattoos. Behold! My tattoos…

Bugs are so cool! My nickname is Bug and has been since I was a toddler. This is an atlas beetle, true to size. Atlas beetles can be found in southern Asia. These beetles have been recorded lifting up to 850 times their own weight. They are considered to be the strongest animals on earth proportionally.Β Remember Atlas in Greek mythology? He was the Titan god of endurance and astronomy, condemned to hold up the sky for eternity. I chose this beetle as a reminder that even small creatures (like me) can be fierce and strong.


Little Guy With BeetleA33231_i.jpg_resized_380_

Bug #2 on the same arm is a moth. I plan to fill up the rest of the free space on this arm with different bugs. Toward the top left you can see one of the atlas beetle’s legs.


On the other (right) arm is a feather quill pen, ink bottle and ink-splattered heart, to symbolize my love for writing. I wanted it to be on the right arm since I’m right-handed. And that’s all, folks! Lots of real estate left for more ink. By the way, all 3 of these tattoos were done by the same artist.




16 thoughts on “Nice People Win

  1. Wow! They are incredible! Thanks for posting them! The Atlas Beetle one reminds me of the beetle typewriter one in Naked Lunch! Have you seen it, its an awesome idea of Burrows, his typewriter resembles a beetle, and turns into one, then dictates to him what to write! Fantastic ideas that man had!

    Insects and bugs are such a great theme, the ink splat and feather are great too! Wow! πŸ˜€ ❀

    • Oh, thank you! I still love them like I did from day 1. My parents are waiting for the day when I regret getting tattooed so they can say, “I told you so!” I have not seen Naked Lunch but I was able to find a short clip on youtube of the beetle typewriter. Way too cool. πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, much more ink to come.

      • Burroughs is so weird, it freaked me out when I first heard about his life and his writing, then I got hold of his book “Cities of the Red Night” and couldn’t put it down till I finished it! Also loved Bukowski, (not at all the same, but just couldn’t stop with it either) I think it was cos they were both such individuals, if I put it down, I’d lose the plot, cos it bared little comparison to my own life – especially Burroughs, cos he’s just practically insane!!! LOL

        Yeah, I think everyone should have a go with it, even if you don’t like it, he uses that cut-up method to introduce chaos into his stories, it really works.

        I like that they called you “Bug” Ha,ha, I bet you were a great kid to meet! Hiya Bug! Whatcha got there?” LOOL πŸ™‚

      • Speaking of authors from the beat generation, I’m reading a couple books right now by Jack Kerouac. I’ll have to add some Burroughs to my list. Haha, I could also be a little troublemaker. I just knew how to β€œbug” people. πŸ˜‰

      • Cities of the Red Night was such a freakin weird book I could read it again after all this time, it was just so damn far out! I don’t think I ever read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but I did read Kerouac’s On the Road, Burroughs goes further! I’d say he nukes it! LOL It makes Kerouac seem like a sunday school trip, tho I did think Kerouac was a bit of a naughty tourist.

        Talking of naughty tourists, There’s a film called “The sheltering Sky” with John Malkovich, thats wicked, loved it more than both the above, absolute dregs of hell humanity and all that stuff, christ, humans are incredible, wonderful glorious vile depraved, its got it all! πŸ™‚

        “Never rub another mans rhubarb” (Jack Nicholson, the joker in Batman) A tough lesson in life! πŸ˜‰ Xx

      • Like taking drugs without the commitment. I returned Kerouac’s On the Road because I’d watched most of the movie and it was hard for me to read through Big Sur. I’d had enough of the writing style though parts of it made me chuckle and were entertaining enough. As for that other movie, I’m intrigued since it involves travel. Sounds like they get WILD! You’re a wild thing, too.

      • Its been a long time since I read Kerouac, I did enjoy it, (on the Road) I was looking to find the source of the beatnik generation or what not, dropping out, sub culture, all that we have today – I’m sure JK was way ahead of the curve back then, but its perhaps a bit less obvious today, as its influenced everything since. I read Catch 22, and Officers and Gentlemen to get an idea of the post war scene, its obvious how society fell apart round that time. I been meaning read books like Catcher in the Rye since forever, and they do say to read Nabokov’s Lolita – I should have read them yrs ago.

        I’m not that much of a bookworm, I read a shed load of Clive Barker horror books, I don’t think we’d have had Barker, Steven King etc if it hadn’t been for Burroughs, he’s not so easy to read, I only read the one book, but to this day he’s ahead of his time.

        I got this book by Paul Auster, I thought I could read anything, but he’s too smart for me, maybe I’ll have another go, but it made me feel thick! Everyone says he’s great, but I gave up after a few chapters, which is unlike me, maybe I finished it, and can’t remember, but I wasn’t making the connections.

        At the mo, I’m reading “girl on a Train” which is a best seller, I’m getting a bit bored of it tho, I don’t think its for me, (but I’ll Finnish it to find out the godamn answer) B4 that I read Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel, that was really special, I’d read another by her, she’s a damn good writer!

        Oh yeah, u betcha I’m wild! And so are you! πŸ˜‰ I got a nose for it πŸ˜€

      • For not being much of a bookworm you sure seem to read a lot of books, Mister. We read Catcher in the Rye in my earlier school days as part of our required reading. Now I’m getting through this big list of books I have saved. Some of it deals with fitness and nutrition, some of it is for pleasure like Neil Gaiman, and next up is White Oleander and Paint it Black by Janet Fitch. White Oleander is one of my favorite films and so I’ve been meaning to read the book. Then I heard about that author’s other book, Paint it Black, set during the 1980s punkrock scene in LA. Definitely caught my attention. I love to see people with their noses stuck in books! Especially guys. It seems like so few guys I know are into reading. Enjoy yourself, get lost in the words. πŸ™‚

      • I used to read tons, lately i been reading mostly online stuff, but I think I might get back into it – I read a few more recently.

        I shall look out for White Oleander, I love stories, wether its films or books, I spend half my life submerged in other peoples ideas. I’ll watch just about anything if I haven’t seen it before, theres a film called Paint it Black, about at artist (from 1989) its a fiction, totally bonkers, but I love films about artists, this artist has a psycho admirer who will kill anyone who stands in the way of his hero’s path to success, and of course the artist finds this flattering! LOL I actually knew someone a bit like that, he didn’t actually kill anyone, but he was just mad for me and my art, it was very encouraging, even tho he was completely crazy, and off his tits on drugs to cap it all! Another crazy fave of mine is called “Portrait of Jenny” (from 1948) a crazy romantic film about some sad twat dick of an artist, but its good drama! I can get into anything to do with art! I tell ya, I’m raving mad!!! πŸ˜€

      • White Oleander is beautifully written. So, I’m definitely adding Paint it Black to my list of films to watch! Sounds superb. That is too funny you had a psycho admirer kind of like the film. I have yet to have one of those. I’ll wait till my best-selling novel comes out and they’re ready to make it into a film. Heh. The last film I saw about an artist was Basquiat (1996).

  2. Well done Lauren! The inkwork is excellent. I like the idea of the feathered quill pen and inkwell representing your love of writing. That young entomologist just about isn’t big enough for that Atlas Beetle he’s wearing like a wristwatch. That is one big bug. Now I’m curious why your nickname is Bug. Regardless, your tats are gorgeous and I can imagine how uber-kool your theme would be if you do go for some filigree work. I’m glad that your coworker was mindful enough to properly thank you for your sacrifice to save his bacon.

    • Thanks, Daniel! πŸ™‚ I plan to get a couple more by the same artist and then check out some more people who specialize in black and grey but with a different style all their own. I would totally hold (and pet) an atlas beetle! Spiders, no thanks. My nickname is Bug simply because I’m cute as a bug in a rug, or at least I was back then. You still owe me a Pegasus photo.

      That special coworker is out of town this week and I’m lovin’ it. He gets on my nerves, then does something sweet and leaves for a little while as he travels frequently for his job.

      • Well Lauren, I am a devoted fan of your writing and tattoo style and choices. So, I’ll be looking forward to seeing the new ones as well. I’m motivated to get more ink myself. I actually tried to figure out how to take a picture of my Pegasus using mirrors and my phone. Apparently, I’m not good at back selfies. But, don’t give up. I’ll figure it out. I did notice he was looking neglected back there. Time for a makeover, I think. Or, I need to clean my mirror. I think your nickname is quit apt and I would offer that you have evolved to much more but it’s a nickname you should definitely hold on to because it’s totally Kool. My nickname was Dammit Dan because my mother was always saying that to me and it caught on. It would go something like this, “mom, the cat is blue.” Mom. “Dammit Dan, I told you to stay out of the paint cans. Your father is going to tan your hide now. ..” Any time someone said dammit, I would answer. Here’s to Kool nicknames and glorious ink, cheers 🍻

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