Draculauren’s Picks

Quick summary: This is a post about music and 3 bands I’m digging lately.

Many months ago an old friend bought two tickets to The Cure concert which took place earlier this month in my city. To my delight, I was asked if I’d like to accompany him and so he said he would save me a ticket. A couple weeks before the concert I followed up to express my excitement and confirm how much I owed him for the ticket, only to find out he’d forgotten and given the ticket to someone else. At that point in time the show was sold out. The Cure is one of my all-time favorites and, though I’d seen them in concert before, I was incredibly disappointed to miss them this time around. My friend felt terrible and has since made up for it to the best of his ability (free food, I’m easy!).

He told me I’d probably like the band that’s been opening for them on the tour. I must say, after checking them out I’m so impressed. They’re a Scottish post-punk band called The Twilight Sad. If you prefer warmth and joy in music, you can look elsewhere. I myself tend to enjoy darker sounds. Singer James Graham says, “I could never see us writing a happy record. Even though we’re quite normal people. I just see that side of life as more interesting than somebody writing about how good their life is and how happy they are.” He cites The Cure and The Smiths as his biggest influences. Here’s a sample for you (gotta love that Scottish accent):

Robert Smith also did a cover of their song. He’s a big fan of the band.

Second and third, if synth makes your ears happy, then you might enjoy the following: Hard Corps, a synthpop group from London. Back in the mid-to-late 80s they supported The Cure and Depeche Mode on tour. Check it:

Lastly, Fad Gadget (Frank Tovey) who also supported Depeche Mode at one time. Best described as dark experimental electronic.


Source of James Graham quote here




18 thoughts on “Draculauren’s Picks

  1. Oh, Gawwwwd! I felt that shockwave of disappointment and admire your ability to recover from the concert snafu with apparent solid mental health. Loved the music picks. I added them to my favorites on youtube. I could write some serious Dragon stories while amped up on that. It’s interesting to me how certain songs and bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure hold on for decades and just keep going. I actually think Mick Jagger is a Vampire and though he is a bit wrinkled, he’ll keep rocking well into the next millennia. Off topic a bit, but I am going offline with my writing. I’ll have much more time for reading so will be slipping in here amongst the oldies but goodies to pop out and say hi to you and Wolfgang and the squirrels. I’ll let you know when Act 6 is done and you can read it if you like.

    • Shit happens. And it saved me some money I guess. Glad you liked those and found them inspiring. Yeah, most of the music that’s out these days just doesn’t do it for me. That’s why I was so excited about The Twilight Sad. Mick will rage on forever! Thanks for the heads up on your writing. I see you’ve posted some new stuff lately and I plan to get to it eventually. I struggle big time to keep up with reading even a few people’s blogs regularly, let alone post on mine. Enjoy your reads!

      • Ruh-Rooh! I’ve actually deleted all my posts except my goodbye notice. Sunday morning I’ll delete the site. I just don’t have time and the old stuff was picked over pretty hard. I fully understand the time constraints. I did put out two chapters of the new Act 6 Origins. It was going to be gritty and dark but love conquers all and redeems us from the pain we suffer along the way. That’s the general theme the dragons follow. The story shows how the Dragon Sisters were picked and later trained as well as how they got their shocking powers. I tell the story through Hyperion’s eyes in first person pov. I decided to go offline with it. BUT! I can leave you a link to my Google drive in comments and you can read it like a book anytime you want instead of a chapter every so often. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll set it up as soon as final edit is done on chapter 3.

      • Acckk! And I didn’t even get to read your goodbye notice. It’s good you know when to say “that’s enough” and prioritize things in your life so you can have balance. Please do send me a link to your Google drive!

      • Hi Lauren, I decided it might be easier if I kept the Dragon chapters on a private blog and gave certain people access so they can read through WordPress. Otherwise you will become enslaved in my manic editing process. This site is dedicated to the Dragon Story rewrite to publish as a novel. Some of the old acts will be completely redone as I mentioned before. Very different but not unfamiliar. The link is https://returnofdragons.wordpress.com You will get the private blog warning which will allow you to request access. When I get the email, I’ll give you access. Let me know if you have any problems. Three chapters are up now and more on the way. The flavor is more like Gloria’s story but a bit more dark, graphic, and gritty to start out. See you there 😀 -Daniel

  2. Soz to hear you missed them… Ive always been a fan too. My favourites are Push, Six Different Ways, The Caterpillar, and A Forest, of course! And Boys Dont Cry obvs. Interesting, your other picks- I do find the scottish accent quite cool in pop music.

    • Thanks, I’m over it for the most part. I’m picky about what shows I go to these days. I’ve seen most of the bands I want to see already and shows are pretty expensive. Plus I don’t like being around tons of people. All of those songs you listed are great. It almost pains me to pick favorites but I’m partial to The Lovecats, The Blood, Prayers for Rain, Apart, and A Forest. Yeah, you don’t live too far from those Scots. I like accents of all kinds and I bet yours is lovely, too. I see you went and deleted a ton of stuff on your blog! Hope to see some new stuff soon.

      • It must be a brave effort for you to run spinning classes for example if you dont like crowds. I need to go to more shows. Yeah finished my diet now so will post again. Brexit is terrifying. Left alone here with a load of flag waving goombas. Will have to post about that!

      • Glad you liked those! There’s a Cure song in the movie The Crow called “Burn” which I also like a lot. Funny thing, I still haven’t started teaching classes yet. I’m looking. When it comes to adults I do best with small groups but I’m so used to working with kids I’m fine in front of a larger crowd. I almost went into teaching elementary school but I dropped out and switched my studies to writing and literature. Spin classes aren’t my thing – who needs a sore crotch? Hope the diet was an overall success and I look forward to more posts. I thought of you when I heard about the voting results – so close! Curious to hear you elaborate on that and which side you fall on. No doubt it’s madness over there.

      • Ive given that soundtrack a listen before actually… I rather like NIN’s Dead Souls on it, which is a Joy Division cover. Oh don’t know where I got it from that you were leading spin classes then. Obviously im not the most political person ever but its all quite impactful. If Scotland keep causing trouble something could potentially happen here once again. But whatevs, probably all be fine.

      • I like the Dead Souls song, too. Most of the other songs on that soundtrack are alright. Be careful out there. Now it seems this thing is going to get dragged out. I read something about Article 50 which would need to be triggered by the next prime minister. So I guess there’s a loophole for a country to get out of the deal. I don’t particularly enjoy politics and tend to stay away from discussions. I like to keep informed but there’s so much ugliness and hatred that comes out between people.

  3. Damn Dracu u got some pretty weird taste there! I saw the Cure too! Your friend was lucky there with the ticket no show thing, I would be inclined to behave rather badly towards that friend under the circumstances regardless of whatever was proffered – I would have been inconsolable and really quite perturbed for a good while!

    In all honesty, though I have the utmost respect for The Cure, I don’t actually like them much, just a few songs, I find them a bit too mad – Twilight Sad is growing on me tho, gotta love that Scottish accent as you said, quite right! My mum is a Scot, so we used to go visit Scottish relations every other yr, absolutely love the accent and the people, totally adorable!

  4. This Scots band are a bit older now but I just remembered this song they did and I love it! Ha,ha, I got to get away from the screen now or I’ll go on all night remembering stuff I wanna share!!

    • My taste is all over the place! I would have had an absolute fit had I not seen them once already. The Cure isn’t for everyone. Robert has a unique singing style that can get on some people’s nerves. I’m jealous you have Scottish relatives! Thanks for those links. Good way to get my accent fix. I can picture you bopping around in the crowd to The View’s “Wasted Little DJ’s.” The Glasvegas one was lovely.

  5. Having Scottish relatives is great! LOL Its sad really cos their all dead now, apart from my mum and her brother who keep the old flag flying! I loved that song by The View, and I’m pleased you liked the Glasvegas one, its so beautiful, I hope you’ll be back 🙂 xx

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