Coffee and Poetry

Today’s poem is brought to you by: coffee

I see a gleam in the crystalline pool

Dive for the jewel in the indigo cool

Deep in the blue there’s a sinister ghoul

Sharp teeth waiting for a gem-hungry fool

Wake up and scream from this spine-chilling dream

Embrace morning sunbeam, coffee and cream


Guess who? Old photo, of course. Couldn’t find anything else underwatery.

And here’s a couple cat photos since you’re long overdue. Wolfgang’s top fangs were extracted recently so now he has a permanent creepy cat tooth grin.




18 thoughts on “Coffee and Poetry

  1. It’s nice to see more of your poetry—a nice, fun piece to add to your collection. Wolfgang is sure a handsome devil, even with his newly acquired creepy grin.

  2. OMG! Wolfgang is a Vampire Cat and your eyelashes and eyeshadow are magic. I’m impressed. When you blinked your Dragon Sister powers were surely evident. Enjoyed this poem. It has a great flow and rhyme to it. Crystalline pool and Indigo cool were sublime starts. The sharp-toothed ghoul had to be Wolfgang waking you up to rustle up some cat grub. Stalking all night long can work up an appetite. The last line was scrumdiddlyumptious, like the coffee set the world right after that ghoulish gemmare. It certainly sets me right with the world. 😀

    • Oh, the lashes looked fantastic and they can leave men speechless. But have you ever worn fake eyelashes? They feel awful! Not worth it to me except for the occasional photo shoot. I have a friend who tortures herself wearing fake eyelashes, corsets, and heels nearly every day. Glad you liked this one! I knew you would with that coffee line thrown in. Yes Wolfgang’s teeth did play a small part in this poem. I read it to him and he grinned.

      • Yes, those lashes do look fantastic. I think I actually stared; maybe even a lot, but that is what we men do – stare, a lot. I’ve never worn fake eyelashes but one time I was at my table eating breakfast one of those morning afters and one fell out of the napkin and perched on top of my beloved alter ego. It scared the bejesus out of me because I thought some spiky bug just abused me. The abuse part was when I smack it out of my lap. Oh Geeez, that part hurt. Upon careful examination to determine it was dead, I discovered it was a fake eyelash that belonged to my bonded Dragon Sister. I had no idea she owned a pair of those. And I had no idea they could fall off. Is your friend Goth? I guess it’s confession time again. Girls in corsets, heels, long lashes and stockings are also fascinating, very fascinating. If they have ink, I can actually stop breathing. And to think it’s torturous to look that cool earns even more respect for the artful style. LOL @ Wolfgang. I bet he did like that toothy part.

    • Hahaha! Yeah, I could see how one of those appearing out of nowhere would be terrifying to a man. Aside from being uncomfortable, the main reason I don’t wear them out is because they can just fall right off or start to peel off your eyelid so half is dangling and then you look extremely attractive. Gluing those suckers on is a huge pain the ass. If you’re lucky they’ll stay on for a while. You guessed it, my friend is a gothy gal. We like to joke about it – she’s so stereotypically goth that she owns a black cat and she was studying at one point in time to be a mortician. She’s a tattooed beauty. I think there’s 2 types of guys – those like yourself who are fascinated by all that fancy torturous stuff and have respect for it, and the other type who can’t stand that kind of high maintenance business and it seems to be an instant turnoff. But perhaps they secretly enjoy looking.

      • LOL! I had this great idea. You could glue the eyelashes above your eyebrows and with the right eyeshadow you could have some real fun with that at work. When coworkers stare, just casually mention you hit the coffee a little hard and now your eyes are wide open. I actually think Goth can be very interesting but it is a lot of work. I like Steam Punk too. It always puts me in a good mood. To me, in both cases, it’s living art. The artist is the canvas. Men are drawn to any woman that stands out. It would be a certain aneurysm if 10 women showed up dressed in the same Goth outfit. We wouldn’t be able to discern a difference right away and at that point brain hemorrhages occur. I think that’s why women have a natural aversion to showing up at a social event dressed in the same outfit. They know it can kill. 🙂

      • Holy hell that would be a terrific look. And I already garner enough attention for my weird outfits and colorful hair. They’ll be asking what brand of coffee I’m drinking! A year ago we got this new coffee machine with all these cool flavors and now everyone thinks it tastes like cat piss because the novelty has worn off. I like so many styles I can’t commit to one. 😀 I did have a Steampunk photo shoot earlier this year. If you still have instagram I’m @alienscribe. I think there’s a couple pics not from the actual shoot but from the getting ready part. And yes, I’ve experienced the horror of running into someone with the same outfit. It was in high school and we both had these kickass blue plaid punk pants with d-rings and zippers all over them. We both looked great but when we passed one another in the hall we stared daggers at one another.

  3. Coffee and Cream? Oh yes, thats the way forward 🙂 Your cat looks like the sort of moggie mine might like – she don’t like many, we are still being terrorised by this crazy big fat male that comes round here howling, he’s actually very cute indeed, in the face, he’s white, with very bright eyes, pale blue I think – well I stroked his head and he loved it, but when I stroked his back he scratched me! Pretty brave for someone who only comes up to my shins. He’s so fat, he can’t clean his back, so its like a sheep back there, all matted and dirty, there are lumps of crud in his fur, I wish someone would sort that cat out!

    Anyhow, there’s a shaggy old thing like yours comes round and Mabel is actually quite friendly with that one – God knows how she chooses friends, but she seems to know what she’s doing. Gotta love animals, especially cats! So extraordinary – some mad woman down the street has about 7 of them, all skinny and underfed, so I been feeding them, but Mabel hates it, chases them all off, its a never ending predicament.

    Those photos are fantastic, all 3, I love how you did your eyelashes, you are very pretty, love the demon cat too! 🙂

    • I actually drink my coffee black but I do appreciate cream. Makes it thick and mellow. Oh, Wolfgang would be honored to be liked by your cat. He loves to be liked, loved, and fretted over by anyone and anything. I think your next painting should be inspired by that crazy big fellow that comes around. Haha! Yes I’ve met many brave cats like that. Only coming up to our shins but they smell our fear. The power is in the claws. Every neighborhood needs a crazy cat lady. Wolfgang came from one of those. You’re such a nice guy to feed the kitties. You’ve got my stamp of approval! Thanks for reading, and for the compliments. The makeup was inspired by Blind Mag from Repo: The Genetic Opera.

  4. Woooolfgaaaaang ❤ Dawwww. Loved the poem, and well, I guess that's one thing we humans all have… If there is something sparkling we want to at least understand what it is… Like the red dots for cats!

    • Thanks my dear! Ya, those wicked cat teeth are the cutest. Sometimes he looks at me like that and we just stare at each other until I start laughing. Wolfgang is over the red laser dots at the moment. I have to wait several months and then try to bring it back. Right now he’s into a piece of string. I don’t even buy toys anymore, he ignores them and goes for household objects.

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