Happy Pills

Happy Pills

I take my happy pill each day
It keeps those dismal thoughts at bay
The sun shines bright after the rain
I take my happy pill each day
Behold my glowing blissful brain
I put my knife down once again
I take my happy pill each day
It keeps those dismal thoughts at bay

I wrote this poem because today, my doctor prescribed me an antidepressant. It’s not specifically for depression, it’s to treat another condition I have and we’ve been experimenting with various medications to see what helps. I’m concerned about the side effects but I’ll just have to see if the benefits outweigh those. My chronic health problem does indeed make me feel sad at times, but I cope with it quite well. I do know someone who is genuinely depressed, where a terrible black cloud of doom hangs over their head, and they are forever falling in a melancholy abyss. Aside from medication, I think in cases like that, having a hobby or creating art can be especially helpful to take your mind off things.

Stuff that’s made me extra happy recently:

I saw an adorable young Asian woman performing this strange dance warmup at the gym. She was on the indoor track upstairs and no one else was there with her. I was taking a break near a window that shows the inside of the track and she didn’t notice me. I can’t even describe the cuteness. It’s wonderful to see the dorky little things people do when they think they’re alone. For all I know she would have done it even if people were around, but that’s unlikely. The best way to describe her: spastic monkey with pigtails.

A coworker came by and told me she had a strange dream about me where I was a computer hacker living off the grid in this underground sewer network. Apparently I looked like Elizabeth Salander, which, if you’ve been reading this blog for long, know isn’t too far off. She decided to visit me in the sewer but we ended up having to run from some bad guys. Her dream amused me because she’s a rotund, middle-aged country gal. We’d be an unusual pair running through the sewer together.

I ran into someone recently at an event – someone I hadn’t seen in years but who I’ve known since elementary school. He later sent me a message and said that I was one of those interesting people that he always wished he had hung out with more. Talk about a nice thing to say! It made me feel extra warm ‘n squishy inside. What’s brought a smile to your face lately?



19 thoughts on “Happy Pills

  1. You have! With your strange sense of humour, and your pink picture! Ha, but other than that, lets see, I watched some Laurel And Hardy films the other day, that made me chuckle, such as when Laurel, (dressed as a woman in order to get a job as a maid) was asked to serve the salad undressed – (well you can imagine the outcome there!

    I’m on a high at the mo, after a week of difficulty, life is awful in general, as ever, but I’m happy today 🙂 So thats quite nice for me I guess! I hope your treatment works out L, sorry to hear you don’t have it entirely peachy, bummer really – have some of my happiness, I’m sending it over there‘, happy easter! XX

    • Aww, well it’s great to hear that being myself can make such a positive impact. Ha, that’s a good one. I looked those 2 up and smiled when I pictured the scene. I’m glad things are up at the moment and hope they stay there! And thank you, I haven’t started my pills yet but I just wanted to warn you guys in case this blog goes to hell. The pills made me do it! And yeah I had a lovely Easter and now my belly is full of jellybeans. Hope you enjoyed it all, too.

  2. Always having something to read while in the bathtub. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read “sodium lauryl sulfate” on the back of a shampoo bottle. For some reason It always reminds me of you and the Alien Scribe blog!

    • Sounds thrilling! And squeaky clean. Just like my blog…hehhehe. I do enjoy a fine label in the shower, but I prefer to read the other languages (out loud). It’s time you go sulfate-free!

  3. Ahh the side effects. Strange how medications and life all have side effects and some are downright unpleasant. I warned my sister about statins, high cholesterol, and power-farting. She didn’t believe me until she cleared the family gathering in mid-stroll down memory lane. She was convinced to do a better job of managing side effects after that. The real tragedy is no one had it recorded for upload to YouTube. I’m sure Guinness World Records would have certified the event for her. Do hope it works for you and if your blog goes off the rail I’ll ride along with you. Being the vanguard of avant-garde needs a little twist in the tale sometimes. 😀

    • Your poor sis should have listened! Bet that caused some seismic activity – what was it on the Richter scale? Thanks for sticking around for better or for worse. Ooooh nicely said! The head elves are hard at work.

      • LOL! I think my dear sister pegged the needle on the seismic sensors. I know my ears were ringing. Of course, that could have been caused by all the guffawing that followed. Those head elves are something else. 😀

  4. Hi… I missed this one. Hope the meds are working out for you? ‘An indoor track upstairs’…sounds like a nice gym. Computer hacker in the sewers sounds pretty much on the money from what I’ve seen of your blog. My diet lately made me happy. kinda monk-like on a mission type thing. Was sad to say goodbye to that vibe but perhaps I can recreate it with a new goal if I put some thought into it and blog etc.

    • Hello, hello! No worries. I’ve been missing from the blogosphere lately. Still studying, working on other writing projects, and just turned 30. The meds haven’t done a thing so I stopped taking them. I’m going to try a special kind of therapy next as soon as I can afford it. And yeah, my gym has everything I need but it’s more oldschool than most gyms around here. Not necessarily a bad thing. Glad to hear the diet went well. One of my friends just started the keto diet and has been pretty happy on it. No doubt you can recreate that vibe if you give it 100%. Right now I’m working on advancing my yoga practice. Learning headstands and other arm balance moves, becoming more flexible so I can do some weird shit! It’s great seeing progress.

      • Shit… congrats on turning 30. Hope you had a pleasant day or evening. Quite curious to know what your therapy is for. I can see more clearly these days what the malfunction is, now need to find the fix. So I think I can relate. You can beat a gnarly old gym. The one ronnie coleman trains in on youtube for instance. Lightweight baby!! Ive only been to those kind a few times I think. Its been uni gyms and la fitness for me. A uni gym at the minute. Oh no I saw you follow up question about keto about 3 months later. I stopped that after a couple of days. Thats was a REAL nightmareish week with no carbs. I was scared to ramp up the fats and stuff. It was just a complete fuck up. Dieted in a more conventional way and did get from 20% bodyfat to 13% in about 8 weeks. Suspect 1700 caliries was too low and it would have come off quicker at 2000, which ill do next time! And yoga, yeah. Always thinking of giving that a try. I need to work on my flexibility in a big way. How have you seen progress?

      • Thanks, I went dancing at a retro club. In costume, of course. The therapy? It’s for my psycho bladder which tends to run my life: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percutaneous_tibial_nerve_stimulation

        The keto diet is a bit extreme, so I’m not surprised to hear it went down that way. Hehe, are you going for the Ronnie Coleman look? It’s tough finding just the right formula of nutrition and training to achieve what you want. Takes time. Well done on achieving the 13% bodyfat! Hard work pays off. I think when most men take a yoga class for the first time, they see it’s a lot harder than they thought it would be. I would definitely recommend everyone try it for several weeks (at least 3x a week) and you will be amazed at how good you feel. If not a class, you could grab a video to try at home. The library should have some, I would think. Since I’ve been practicing yoga regularly I’ve seen great progress with balance, flexibility, and strength. It also helps with managing stress. When sitting with my legs out in front me I used to barely be able to touch my toes and it was painful to achieve. Now the palms of my hands can wrap over my toes and rest comfortably on the soles of my feet. Look up crow pose – I can balance in this pose and headstands which take considerable core and arm strength. A few months ago I would fall repeatedly while attempting these.

  5. Sorry to hear you have that, hope you get on top of it. Strange one. Definitely not going for the Ronnie Coleman look. The opposite basically. I went to a yoga class once in fact and yes it was properly tough. The sweat was pouring off me to just an absurd, unheard of extent. Didnt go back for sone reason in that instance. Im worse atm than you were in the past- nowhere near my toes in that position, so yes, DEFINITELY something to think about. Btw that new story is really excellent. Post it off somewhere!

    • Oh, I figured, No worries. As for the health issue, it’s hard to imagine ever conquering that as I’ve lived with it for a long time now. But I’m still hopeful. I’m glad you’re not going to look like Ronnie Coleman – that’s a tad bit much, haha. There’s a point where I’d stop myself if I thought I wasn’t looking feminine enough.

      So that was just a regular yoga class you took, not the bikram yoga where they actually turn the heat up? There’s so many different kinds of yoga. I tend to alternate between higher intensity power yoga and more of a gentle, relaxing type where you can work on flexibility. I’d like to get more into meditation, too. Consistency is key! I do see a few bodybuilding dudes at my gym go to the yoga class that is offered in the evenings.

      Thanks again! I wrote it at work when I was bored. All the characters are based off of real life friends. I have some other things I’ll probably send off first. The pieces I share on the blog here are mostly just for fun. I have other “serious” projects I work on that are intended for publication.

      • The yoga class was in a hot place with no air conditioning, but even then, was nuts. Consistency, definitely. Well my second reading of the story perhaps it does go a bit bonkers towards the end. But there’s loads of rather cool bits. Point me in the direction of your serious stuff some time then.

    • Oh, I’ve heard bonkers before and we use it here sometimes. Maybe it’s just me, but I like to sweat. Makes me feel like I got a great workout in and sweating has its own health benefits. Still, that sounds uncomfortable! That story was just for shits and giggles. I wanted to write something ridiculous for my friends. I doubt I’ll ever share the stuff I’m serious about on this blog until it actually gets published, heh. Until then, this is just a creative outlet for me. Thanks again for reading.

      • yep, I love sweating too. I have to have that kind of exertion going on. I wouldnt be able to take padding about the gym doing 4 heavy reps every ten minutes, or something. Horrible. Yeah, pleasure reading! I’m embarrassed a bit that I gushed over something it turns out you dashed off. I read it first thing waking and really did think it was great. Ok catch you later.

      • Last night after some strength training I was jumping rope and performing burpees. Sweat city! Oh, well it was nice of you to comment regardless and I’m glad my less serious writing was still a decent read. I did edit and proofread after writing it at work so it did involve some effort on my part. Have a good rest of the week.

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