A New Vision

Hey there earthling friends, just a quick note to let you know “cremedelauren” no longer exists. This blog is old! I originally envisioned a culinary blog and posted many recipes. I later deleted those and focused more on sharing my writing in the past couple years. Lately I’ve felt the need to shed my skin and evolve. I may tweak some things as I’m still getting used to this new look. We’ll see. Let me know your thoughts if you get a chance.

A brief explanation for the new site name: I chose “Alien Scribe” because throughout my life, I’ve often felt like an outsider in various social situations. I’m a weirdo, what can I say. 🙂 And I was born to write, thus the “Scribe” half of it. I like scribe because it sounds archaic. Some asshat already took the alienscribe username so I chose Draculauren for my taste in creepy stuff! It’s still going to be the same content – kinda strange, kinda spooky, definitely out of this world. I come in peace. Take me to the readers.


My words are free, but probing costs extra.





14 thoughts on “A New Vision

  1. I love this! Great idea, that picture is freakin awesome – it probably take a while to realise its you, you have been returned to us in new guise!! I was at college with a guy who claimed to have seen aliens – it was amazing when he told his tale, everyone was totally astonished and didn’t know what to say!! Looking forward to reading the new you 🙂 XX

    • Thanks a bunch! One of my friends says I should be a spy I change my look so often. 😀 I love to hear those tales. My dental hygienist told me about her sister getting abducted. Awesome distraction when you’re having your teeth cleaned.

      • Wow, thats freaky! How on earth can one reconcile? Especially with your own sister! Yikes, if my brother said such a thing, I’d be thinking, uh,oh, sounds like he’s gone wappy! People are so very strange!!!

      • She or the rest of her family didn’t know what to think or believe. It happened more than once, though. And her sister found a “chip” behind her ear that had apparently been planted by one of the aliens.

  2. Love the new theme and the emergent you. I suspected you were a Dragon Sister all along, and the Draculauren is perfect. I don’t think you’re weird at all; it’s just the I in ISTJ. Add creativity to that and it just means you are rare and unique, as Dragon Sisters tend to be. Especially got a hoot out of the, “probing cost extra,” while you hold that energized Tesla coil probe. I wondered how the aliens did it, and now I know.

    • Happy to hear that. But of course! One of my old, old nicknames had the word “dragon” in it. I totally forgot that “dracul” means dragon or devil in Romanian!!! Now it feels extra complete. Growing up I always yearned for a dragon tattoo and later on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo came out and I wanted it extra bad. I still don’t have it as I’m not satisfied with the designs I’ve come up with and where it will go. Oh yeah, I’ve perfected my probing technique now after many years here on Earth. It’s…electrifying.

      • LOL!!! @ electrifying probes. Clearly we came from the same alien parented clutch of Dragon eggs. Our human parents probably never knew. I too have wanted a dragon tattoo in the Asian style across my back. Not every tattoo artist can do it. So, I may have to go to Japan and seek out one of the masters or find someone that specializes in Asian tattoos here in the states. I’m out of luck here in Northern Bama. I think life would be complete when that project is finally inked in. I do hope you get yours some day. I’ve seen some beautiful dragons on women and I think I actually levitated and little hearts popped out of my ears and floated around like soap bubbles. Living Dragon art does it for me.

      • I smell a new film – someone call Ridley Scott! I’m actually leaning toward a medieval style dragon, as disappointing as that may sound. But it would only be the head, and a dragon SKULL at that. As they have a long snout like an alligator I’d likely place it along my forearm. I still love Asian-style dragons, though. There’s room for more than one dragon, you know! That would be awesome for you to seek out a master. Sounds like a quest of epic proportions.

  3. Thanks for the link. I love the new thing, I had a wide grin on my face reading it, especially for the probing. I was actually a big fan of the name ‘cremedelauren’ but this is great too. And yeah…what a picture!

    • No prob, I didn’t want people thinking I’d left the internet or died. Thanks! I liked cremedelauren but people also took it the wrong way, like it was dirty. I felt it would be better suited for a food blog, and I used to be a cook at the time this blog was created.

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