Sweet Deceit

A poem dedicated to all those strong women who have dealt with an evil, backstabbing friend.


Your cyanide cupcakes look awfully sweet,

but I’m not deceived by your poisonous treats.


Your arsenic doughnuts look mighty delish,

but I’m not a woman who has a death wish.


Your hemlock apple pie looks downright tasty,

but I’ll not give in to your toxic pastry.


Your nightshade fudge cookies look oh-so-divine,

but unless it’s bullshit-free I must decline.


Your castor bean ice cream looks fit for a queen,

but I’m on a diet and want to get lean.


Let them lust after your deceitful desserts,

but I’ll not be tricked by those treats that will hurt.


Pretty on the outside but nasty within,

you and your goodies are dipped in deadly sin.


Just like Hansel and Gretel’s fairytale witch,

looks are deceiving, you sugar-coated bitch.

Death Cake


19 thoughts on “Sweet Deceit

  1. Thanks for the skull cake. I will see if I can get a friend to make one for me. The poem is right on time, too. No one deserves a backstabbing friends. Do you notice how much they share with you and how much they have to lose? Why don’t these people grow a perspective. No more poison donuts.

    • Thanks! This one’s not about me, actually. Just observing another friend’s current situation and got inspired. I’ve dealt with it before, though. Writing has always helped me get through tough situations, whether I expel my feelings through a poem, short story, or diary type entry. Once it’s out on “paper” I can move on. It’s like having an exorcism. 🙂

      • I like the making a discovery aspect of writing, I’ve avoided dealing with personal issues mostly. Im really focused on getting myself sorted right now- getting my body right and changing my lifestyle, as I saw you’ve done in the past. Having success, but no drive to write anything atm! Anywho, funny poem, you’re really good at them!

      • Getting personal makes for some of the best writing, I think – or at least it works for me. You can still make it lighthearted and be careful with how much you share. Congrats on having success! It’s incredibly hard work but it’s cool to see what the body is capable of. I took a break from some other things during that time to focus on myself, too. They ARE really good compared to the poetry I used to write when I was 6 years old. I’ll post some of those eventually. Nice of you to continue reading even while you’re taking a break from posting.

  2. Ha,ha, I like your style! They eat brussels sprouts straight from the microwave at work, they reek like obnoxious farts! As I remarked the other week, “They only smell bad when they’re someone else’s!” 😀 Xx

  3. This is priceless and good! It flows so well right up to the last line where you deliver the coup to the face of the evil doer. 😀

      • LOL! Not only is it excellent technically, it’s darn good contextually and the humor is first rate especially since it’s about a subject that can be quite painful for the recipient of such abuse. You have a gift and your own unique and entertaining style. With your permission, I’d love to feature some of your work on Hyperion Sturm.

      • Awesomeness abounds with you my dear Dragon Sister. Thank you for allowing me to share Draculauren with my readers. I’ll get to work on it this evening. 😃

  4. Reblogged this on Hyperion Sturm and commented:
    I really like how my Dragon Sister, Draculauren avoids toxic people. Enjoy her poem, Sweet Deceit. If you want more good humor gleaned from a refined power of observation, check out her website. It’s loaded with totally cool. Oh, and don’t worry about the probe. It’s only for people that really need it. 😀

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