The ABCs…Of Death!

My Pal Jason over at Devious Bloggery knows how to entertain. Don’t forget to review your ABC’s, everyone…

Devious Bloggery

A is for Asphyxiation
When all you need is air

B is for Beheading
Say, how’s the view from there?

C is for Crucifixion
Yes, nailed upon a cross

D is for Dismemberment
Your limbs get plumb torn off

E is for Electrocution
A zappy way to go

F is for Firing Squad
Riddled through with holes

G is for Garrotting
A wire through the neck

H is for Hanging
Thirteen knots is best

I is for Impaling
Through the heart, you’re to blame

J is for Japanese Encephalitis
Asian problems with the brain

K is for Keelhauling
Not a pleasant way to cruise

L is for Lockjaw
With rusty nails you always lose

M is for Malaria
Don’t forget to drink your DEET

N is for Necrosis
Rotting flesh is not that neat

O is for Obesity
Must be hauled out by a truck

P is for Poisoning

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5 thoughts on “The ABCs…Of Death!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, too. Jason keeps it weird and it always thrills me when he takes things in a creepy direction.

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