Mom vs. Machine

On a bright and warm sunny afternoon

Mom noticed her two kids glued to the tube.

Their eyes fixated on the glowing screen,

every day after school, the same routine.


It’s time they used their imagination –

wander and ponder in nature’s escape.

So Mom decided to pull the black plug,

disconnecting them from their square-shaped drug.


The children protested and made a fuss.

“How could you do this?!” is what they both said.

Mom pushed the angry little ones outside

and knew the sore feelings would soon subside.


She watched them both trudge to the nearest tree.

They climbed it and sat in bitter silence.

Suddenly Mom felt a strange sensation –

a strong mechanical-like flirtation.


She entered the room where the TV sat.

Oh, the big black box and the good old days –

before the kids she had favorite shows.

Were they still on these days? She had to know.


Soon she was propped up on the easy chair.

Soon an hour passed in front of that screen.

Laughter and yells took her out of the trance.

She peeled herself off the couch for a glance.


The window framed a beautiful picture.

Children running, smiling, and full of life.

The kiddos, it seemed, were having some fun.

She then felt guilty for what she had done.


I’m a hyprocrite, she thought to herself.

The TV went off and she grabbed a book.

Out back she sat on a patio chair,

The breeze blew softly and fluttered her hair.


The kids used their minds creatively to play

Their bodies active – not fused to the couch.

Mom went inside to grab herself a drink

The image she saw made her own heart sink


Dad had come home from work minutes ago

Straight to the TV like he always did.

She knew he would be the hardest to wean

It was time for war, Mom versus Machine.


18 thoughts on “Mom vs. Machine

  1. Nice poem. I can picture in in a children’s book winding around illustrations. I kept expecting it to turn really sinister at some point- it has an ominous vibe. Maybe that’s the mood I’m in though, I’m not sure.

    • Thanks! I do have some other children’s poetry I’m working on. That’s no surprise seeing as how the previous poem involved a demon and the majority of my poems are on the dark side.

  2. 🙂 The other stuff is real goofy and it’s part of a collection. It strays from the dark themes of my other poetry. I may post some of it when the entire thing is complete.

  3. Amazing! poem.

    I guess moms expect the new generation of kids to read a book or go outside like we all did back in the days. Play, have fun, and enjoy life.

    Now, I-phones are being glued to us, everything app that is conceived on the phones is perfectly packed for this new kids of today. It’s sad. Some don’t know the meaning of having fun.

    I love this poem…hi! My name is Charlie Zero, It’s such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. 🙂

    P.S Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hey Charlie, thanks so much for your nice comment and for reading. I’m not a mom (yet) but I like to think I’d make sure the kids got plenty of time away from the TV – get out and be active. Not that I don’t enjoy TV! It can be informative and fulfilling. It’s just that it becomes a convenient babysitter all too often and the #1 form of entertainment in the household. 🙂 I got my first Smartphone one year ago and I’m almost 30. It saddens me too, to see people glued to their phones and especially youngsters.

      • Kids today should be active in sports, play card games, play pogs like in the 90’s. baseball, something. It saddens me to say this because my own sister, has my youngest niece so hooked on her, that she sometimes doesn’t pay any attention to great movies that I grew up watching. She’s on her phone the whole time. And she’s only 9 years old. 😦

        I agree, sometimes TV is informative and fulfilling unless of course, one doesn’t buy into what the media says or believes.

        The ending you and I are in full agreement. I remember back in the good old days in the 90’s when nobody was glued to their phones and only cared about playing outside with friends. Ride bikes, etc..etc..We live in a new world of the new generation of youngsters who don’t interact or communicate like before. 😦

    • Pogs! Oh, those were the days. If it wasn’t pogs we were making and trading rexlace lanyards in the schoolyard or lining up for tetherball tournaments. My parents had me try different sports and I stuck with softball for 8 years. I also joined the school band at an early age.

      Oof, someone needs to take away that soul-sucking phone! Maybe just limit it to certain times. Put it away during movies. Mom’s call, though. 😀

      Ha, I like how you snuck in a little warning about not believing everything you see on TV.

      Maybe my next poem or story will focus on these future youngsters and how ugly things could get – cue the voice actor! “In a world…”

  4. I am happy I grew up when there was tv and early computers but we were also taught to love books and playing outside… nice poem and sadly the truth, we all are addicted to those electronic things 😦

    • Sounds like a good mix. I had that, too – but my mother definitely put the brakes on TV and there was a hard limit. As an only child, I found plenty of other ways to entertain myself. Like writing. 🙂

    • Thanks, William! I’m going to your blog ASAP to check out some poetry. I had good times with my Super Nintendo but my mom set limits on how much I could play. Games are far different these days…

  5. I have to go along with the crowd on this. Excellent poem. Your versatility and skill with prose are enchanting. I don’t know why you don’t show up in my reader or email. The Dragon Master insisted I drop by and sure enuff, I was behind in my reading. That just doubles the fun when there is more than one post to read. Great job Lauren! 😀

    • Thanks, as always! Nice to know I still got game. That’s a good sign if I don’t show up in the feeds, etc. and you’re still coming back to check and see if there’s new content here. I’m still drinking the dragon punch and it tastes goooood. 🙂

      • I know! I’m hooked on your stories. You could write about water warming up in a glass and it would be brilliant. And that Dragon punch. I was hooked after the first sip. Those Dragons do the darnedest things.

      • Hahaha, well I think a brief poem like a haiku might work really well for a glass of water. I did actually write a haiku on this white board at work that’s near the coffee machine. It was a bit sarcastic and it got erased quickly by upper management 😀

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