I was thinking about getting Wolfgang one of these unicorn horns so he could transform into a cuddly caticorn. On second thought, he’s pretty cute the way he is.



7 thoughts on “Caticorn

  1. Wolfgang has a very cool aura about him. The blue satin bow time definitely works, I think. Maybe the caticorn horn would work those moments when he feels like going outside and terrorizing the neighborhood dogs. 😀

    • He’s one cool mofo. YES, with the caticorn fixed snuggly atop his head and some glitter he will frighten the hell out of all those poor canines. I don’t think there’s a dog on the planet that would want to be poked by a feisty caticorn and come out sparkling.

      • Bwaa haaa haaa! I had a visual. I could picture Wolfgang’s smug look after a successful day of caticorning. Too Kool!

  2. I am happy to read poor wolfgang does not have to wear a hat like this XD it looks cute but i think if i was a kitty i would not like to look like a unicorn… well… i mean, they look perfect the way they are and the expression on that cats face says it all lol ❤

    • Indeed. I wore a unicorn horn once and I did feel a little ridiculous. They should stay right where they belong…on 100% real unicorns.

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