It Ain’t Gonna Be Alright

How in the devil are you gonna get some sleep

It’s 3 in the morning and you’re still counting sheep

So you slip outta bed and you go make some tea

But you’re not alone and you give a little scream


There’s a demon in the corner of the kitchen

With sharp shiny teeth and red glowing eyes

There’s a demon in the corner of the kitchen

And it ain’t gonna be alright


The mug leaves your hand and it crashes to the floor

You spin on your heels and run like hell through the door

It crawls on the walls and snarls in your ear

You might very well piss your pants in fear


There’s a demon and it’s right behind you

With sharp shiny teeth and red glowing eyes

There’s a demon and it’s right behind you

And it ain’t gonna be alright


So you pray to your god but he must not be there

What’s a girl to do when no one answers a prayer?

Just let it right in, let the darkness fill your bones

Give up this life and everything you own


There’s a demon and it’s deep within

With sharp shiny teeth and red glowing eyes

There’s a demon and it’s deep within

And it ain’t gonna be alright



19 thoughts on “It Ain’t Gonna Be Alright

  1. Are you just having fun here or…? Nice poen, whatever the case. Is that you in the image? Btw I seem to have completely got over my sleeping trouble since I started leaving a decent music station on low in my room. So happy about that.

  2. Loved it, Lauren! You have a delightful command of the dark. You make it interesting, suspenseful, and witty. The first thing that popped in my head was Wolfgang couldn’t sleep either and the light caught him just right. And those eyes in the image. I can’t look away. Do you know any Dragons by chance? 😀

    • Thank you, it’s compliments like that which provide excellent writing fuel that keeps this energizer writing bunny going. I like the progression of the demon as it works its way inside. Wolfgang has his creepy moments with his gold glowing eyes. And at the right angles he’s an edgy looking fellow. The eyes have all the power, don’t they? Dragons? *cough* What are these dragons you speak of?

  3. You really are a talented writer. Not everyone can write with the broad scope you have and always with a clever wit. Maybe I’m biased because of the ISTJ thing, but I think it’s because you are that good. 😀 The teeth and the eyes made me think of the Dragon Masters. They get in your head like that and get the head elves rockin’ They’re starting to show up everywhere. Something must be going on… And yes, the eyes, it’s always the eyes.

    • Sorry for the late reply. I just disappeared from the blog for a bit to finish studying for an upcoming test that’s finally over with! Total ISTJ – seriously focused on my goal of passing the damn thing, so I made it priority one and put forth a tremendous amount of energy – and guess what? Task complete! Thank you so much for the kind words. 🙂 I am eager to read some of your other stuff once I’m finished with the dragons – to see what else comes out of another ISTJ’s mind. Perhaps this latest poem was influenced by your writing!

      • I completely relate with total immersion of ISTJ tasks. Lee, Hugh, Domi, and Ivan congratulate you for a job well down and confer great blessings of the Dragon upon you. I’ve been busy writing your next series of Return of the Dragon so you’ll have a reason to come by and visit. It’s a change in the Dragons, I hope you’ll enjoy.

  4. That pic. That pic… Oh, sorry, I didn’t get a notification that you replied (I never do). LVX is Light, yes. 7 is a number that, well, I’ll tell you in an email.

    • That pic…I miss my black hair. There should be a little box you check when leaving a comment that will notify you when I reply. 🙂 I’ll await the meaning of 7!

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