Owner of a Lonely Blog

A while I ago I posted everything you see below – and then promptly deleted it out of shame and embarrassment. We’re always our own worst critics. Funny thing was, I had a few folks reach out to me who happened to read it before it disappeared. They were disappointed I took it away! So today I’m resurrecting it from the dead. Please enjoy.


This is idiotic, but you’re familiar with that song by Yes called “Owner of a Lonely Heart” ? I’ll post it below. Anyway, I’m the owner of a lonely blog. This is my feeble attempt at getting a few more faithful readers. I’ll set my goal at 2 more…better to set the bar lower for now. Will you be a part of that 2? I hope so. So back to the song…I went in and changed all the original lyrics (it’s a stretch, I know) and now they are FABULOUSLY LAME. Wolfgang the cat thinks so, too. Oh, and I would sing it for you all and play it on my guitar but my singing voice would break all your windows.


Check it out

My blog is super hip

I don’t write about stupid shit

Ok maybe…

Never know what you’re gonna get

Take your chances, it’s a trip

See yourself

Hit the follow button

I’m gonna make it worth your while


Shake – shake yourself

If you’re not following

You know what to do


Owner of a lonely blog

Owner of a lonely blog

Much better than – a

Owner of a brainless blog

Owner of a lonely blog


Say – you don’t want to chance it

You’ve read bad blogs before


Read it now

This killer blog of mine

I’m not foolin’ all you guys

Just – lose yourself

Read all the poetry

You’ve got all the time in the world

What, you don’t?

Forget the kids right now

Dinner can wait till later


Owner of a lonely blog

Owner of a lonely blog

Much better than – a

Owner of a brainless blog

Owner of a lonely blog


Owner of a lonely blog


Help boost my confidence

I’ll follow you back

This blog is going to melt your pretty face off

I think you’re in for a treat

I’ve really got you now

And don’t you hesitate at all – no no

Owner of a lonely blog


Owner of a lonely blog


Owner of a lonely blog

Owner of a lonely blog

Much better than – a

Owner of a brainless blog

Owner of a lonely blog


Owner of a lonely blog


Sooner or later each new follow

Will help this lonely blog

I might even get an award

Best blog of the fucking year


Owner of a lonely blog


Owner of a lonely blog


Don’t be a fool just follow me

Don’t be a fool just follow me

Don’t be a fool just follow me

Just get on it


Owner of a lonely blog





15 thoughts on “Owner of a Lonely Blog

  1. I feel like such a cheat. I read your blog, loved it, but I already follow you and I’m glad you don’t post three times a day or I’d lose my job for reading blogs when I should be working. Wolfgang is one Kool cat and you should trust him. He knows a good post when he see one. But in all honesty, I wake up screaming in my bed at 3:00 am and scramble to the computer to stop posts I scheduled for 4:00 am. I think it’s always 3:00 am when I realize what an assclown I am for thinking I can write stuff. It would be so much better if I realized it 30 minutes after the post went out. I could at least sleep longer. When in doubt, send it out, and then count all the WTF’s you get in comments. No WTF’s? Then you did good. 😀

    • Wolfgang tries to post on here but I always catch him in the nick of time. Felines…sigh. There’d be so many WTFs if he did succeed in posting. Actually if he had his own blog he’d probably have more readers than I do. I belong to the Assclown Club! It’s the best.

      • LOL! Surely cat lovers of the world would flock to his online charisma. Ah the assclown club! I wonder if their membership isn’t one of the largest in the world. I’ll say hi at the next meeting! 😉

  2. I think your next post in this chatagory should be analysis of the song “Feel for me Baby” I gots it stuck in the part of my tiny pea sized brain that processes this stuff! Huey Lewis and the News, now there was a sophisticated revolutionary! My kind of guy! Jon Bon Jovi, the list goes on! 😀 They are a strange band “Yes” its the only song I know of by them, yet I feel familiar with their presence in old record shops. Whatever happened to Hall and Oats? Now I think you should be posting this sort of thing more often, good luck with your mission should you choose to accept it XX

    • Ha! “Feel for my Bloggy” maybe. Same for me, this is the only Yes song I’m familiar with. I don’t know if I could accept the mission, Sir. This took a lot of brainpower and I’m not sure if I have it in me for a regular post. 😉 Now Hall and Oates, I’ve always enjoyed that Maneater song. Not because it describes me, of course…

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