Ambiguous Poem?


Are you sure about this?

It’s not too late to turn around and STOP READING.

But you might want to, this poem could get confusing.

WARNING: read at your own risk.

I knew it! Of course you’re still reading.

From now on, rhyming couplets commence.

I apologize in advance for not making sense.

Pink elephants dancing the pink elephant dance.

Pink elephants printed on my underpants.

Wet nose kisses from Frankie the hound dog.

This line doesn’t need to rhyme, no reason really.

This is MY poem, I make the rules.

everything will be lowercase no punctuation

lemonade get your lemonade

The return of punctuation.

It could be I’m making a mockery of others’ work.

You might go so far as to call me a jerk.

I’m just serving words with a side of sass,

excuse me now while I pass this grass.

I’m glad I didn’t say “gas,” aren’t you?

That would make it one stinky poem.

Flatulence, be gone!

If you look deep between the lines,

you’ll realize something profound.

I’m having fun by screwing around.

I told you it’d be rough, but we’re almost through.

Congratulations, readers, I bid you adieu.


17 thoughts on “Ambiguous Poem?

  1. Due to my musical ear, I rather liked the other post that disappeared! LOL , the tags on it were excellent – but as I’m not overly familiar with the song, I do now need you to sing it, please? Dear Lauren, please sing!! I await with maniacal stupificationalism! 🙂

    • You saw that embarrassing piece of crap post? 😀 You’re not the only one. You KNOW the song, Mister. C’mon. Trust me, if I were to sing it, it would not sound anything like the real deal. The cat pic was the best thing that came out of that post, haha.

      • LOL! My muses are relentless as well. They like to take over my head elves at the most inopportune times. It’s hell trying to check out at the grocery store while Otter tales are running amok in my mind. 🙂

      • Bahaha. I did notice a bunch of otter photos floating around on your blog, but I hadn’t looked into what those were about yet. I started out by looking at the poetry, then you got me started on Return of the Dragons!

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