Sad Little Goldfish

It used to be said that goldfish had a memory span of 3 seconds, so I wrote a poem about it. I thought, Well that’s nice, at least every three seconds they get to see new and exciting things in their tiny fishbowl environment after every lap. Then, several years ago, new research proved that wrong. So I had to rewrite my silly poem. Here it is, the not as cool revised version…

Sad little goldfish how unhappy you must be

Time passing slowly in your bowl

Sad little goldfish you are swimming aimlessly

Floating through a life that is dull

Sad little goldfish there you hide behind seaweed

Slimy purple rocks and a chest

Sad little goldfish it is time that you be freed

Rescued from your cursed daily quest

Sad little goldfish nibbling on a precious flake

Graceful in your tangerine skin

Sad little goldfish I wish you could have a lake

To spend your little fishy life within

You would think with a memory span of three seconds time

Your subaquatic sadness would dissolve into sublime

Of course that’s not what current research shows

Now it’s five months so that’s quite a big blow

Sorry it has to be this way, my golden-scaled friend

You must make the best of it and drift until the end



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