I watch the squirrel in the tree

He eyes me with distrust

Friends are what I want to be

I watch the squirrel in the tree

Man and nature should agree

I offer him some crust

I watch the squirrel in the tree

He eyes me with distrust



6 thoughts on “Rejected

    • Indeed they are! I did, I changed it to an older photo because I’m thinking of dying my hair dark again at some point. If the photo is up for a while and I don’t get sick of it then I may just do it.

  1. If only the squirrels would trust us. We’d feed them plenty and they wouldn’t need to get into the attic and chew the insulation from the wires and run lickety-split across the ceiling while we try to sleep. It could be the squirrel in the tree isn’t mistrusting you but trying to figure out why Wolfgang is looking at him or her with such hungry eyes.

    • Exactly! Squirrels are the cutest. Living on top floor of my building I hear them running all the time with their little squirrel stampedes. That naughty cat! His naughty owner actually trained him to recognize a few different words. “Squirrel” is one of them. If I see one through the window I yell “squirrel” and he comes running from wherever he is to the window. We’re a team, you see.

      • Oh, gawd! I just had a visual.. That is naughty but in a kool way. What a team. I could see a story there perfect for the zombie apocalypse. Draculauren and Wolfgang, 21st century zombie squirrel hunter tag team. Has a nice ring to it. 😉

      • Never underestimate those rodents. Zombie squirrels going nuts over brains! Terrifying. Yup I could see Wolfgang sporting a badass eye patch, wearing a kitty ammo belt, and myself looking like Michonne from The Walking Dead.

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