It’s hard being a cat model – you guys don’t even know. I nap most of the morning before my photo shoots and then I gulp down a quick tuna shake for some energy. I take another nap after that and then we spend an hour or so on grooming. I bathe myself and Lauren does my hair and nails. Here’s the first photo from the set – she told me to give her “serious cat face.”


Here I am doing my “regal” look. I’ve been fine-tuning this one for years. Halfway through the set and it’s naptime. *yawn*


You wanted sexy, you got it, babe. Can I get another tuna shake, please! Chop chop.


This last one I’m pretending to be a guitar. After all, as Derek Zoolander says, “The original Greek word model means misshapen ball of clay, and I try to think about that every time I go in front of the camera.” Just one of those genius ideas I had on the spur of the moment – you know how I do.


8 thoughts on “Fluffystuff

  1. Wolfgang thanks you! We remember you from when we were GeistKatze on BlogSpot. 😀 Keeping up with 2 blogs was too difficult. You’re looking lovely and creating some beautiful threads as always – I would wear those latest leggings with pride.

  2. wolfgang is an amazing cat model ^_^ ❤ hoping tuna shakes dont have too much calories but then, all the stress in model business will keep his perfect shape i guess!

    • Oh yeah, the tuna shakes are low-cal. Plus he gets some exercise in each day. Usually later at night he goes a little crazy and starts sprinting across the apartment back and forth. And then there’s the early morning yoga…

  3. You got some great photos there Lauren! Thats more than I can say with the troublesome creature who lives here – ferocious barbarian that she is “Shivers” 🙂

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