Late Night Write

It’s late and we’re in the midst of another thunderstorm. Wolfgang is getting sleepy so that means I can write without caterference. You know it all too well. First they jump up on your lap and settle down into a neat little cat ball. But not for long. The plot thickens and you’re trying to create the perfect scene to introduce that lunatic down at the end of the street and BAM, a cat head pops up between you and your keyboard. A little wet cat nose sniffs the keys and then two paws emerge from the body of fluff and strike out at the computer.

LKJDORI  U3[045392O0.

“No, that doesn’t make sense in the story,” I say. “Please delete it.” And they don’t ever listen. Luckily Wolfgang gave up quickly and decided to sleep off the storm. I directed my attention to a short poem which you can read below.



I saw her underneath the tree

with skin as pale as moonstone.

Clad in black from neck to knee,

I saw her underneath the tree.

Lips as red as red could be,

dead and all alone.

I saw her underneath the tree

with skin as pale as moonstone.


4 thoughts on “Late Night Write

  1. oh i remember that! luckily the spiders in my room’s corners wont jumpn my keyboard (but i have a baby bird on my balcony who probably would love to do that!

    • *shudder* Oh I should hope the spiders won’t be going anywhere. The baby bird on the other hand, now I’d love to see that. I’ve got an owl that hangs around my balcony and loads of squirrels.

  2. I had a little cat would jump on my lap when on the computer! Also did the “walk all over keyboard ” thing – not to mention getting right between you and whatever you were looking at line of vision thing cats love to do! Also, enjoyed the poem, I love all things dark and Victoriana!

    • Yes if it’s not paws on the keyboard it’s a cat butt in my face – how adorable. Thank you very much, I’m happy to hear it. 🙂 I’ve got more dark poems ready to burst out of me.

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