Jimmy’s Juice

JIMMY’S JUICE, a poem by Crème de Lauren

Jimmy saw the world in red.

If it wasn’t bleeding, he made sure it did.

Animals didn’t cut it, so he moved on to people.

Oh, the thrill of it!

The screams, the chasing, the capture.

His teeth would sink in,

(he loved that first, flavorful burst)

and he would suck and suck

until all the sweet, delectable

life in those juicy veins had run dry.

It was a curse, a terrible curse,

of everlasting thirst.



4 thoughts on “Jimmy’s Juice

    • Thank you, I would be most happy to. And it is always a pleasure to read the latest on RR. I look forward to more goodies upon your return. Whatever are you up to? Sneaky business.

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