The Snuffleupagus Returns

Guess what’s back? The sinus infection I had a few weeks ago. I believe I probably picked that up at the gym, having recently joined and started working with a new trainer several times a week. You would think eating healthily and working out all the time would contribute to a kick-ass immune system, but perhaps it needs time to adjust to this new germy environment. It’s not like I’m licking all the gym equipment!! So here I sit on a gorgeous Sunday, miserable and snuffling all over the place. Piles of Kleenex surround me. What’s a crabby, snotty girl to do in order to boost her mood? Why, write poetry of course. About a certain cat she lives with.

Wolfgang’s Poem

Head-butt. I charge you like a Rhino Cat I

head-butt. Again.

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?

The light is mine, all mine. I will bask in it.

Zz. Zz. Zz.

I get up and meow for no reason at all,

except to drive you mad.

And when I finally decide to stop

I do something terribly bad.

I wiggle and heave, my eyes roll back.

Your favorite time, hairball attack.

Oowach. Eeech. OOch. Aaach.

Carpet art for you, my love.

Head-butt. I charge you like a Rhino Cat I

head-butt. Again.

You tinkle on the toilet and I want to be with you.

On you.


Zz. Zz. Zz.


Hi, I’m Wolfgang! It looks like you need to be head-butted. Yes, YOU.


8 thoughts on “The Snuffleupagus Returns

  1. I love the poem and your cat is absolutely FABULOUS. Too bad you’ve got an infection. Training is also an attack on your imune system at first. Your body has to get accustomed to it. Once you’re on track, you’ll be the picture of good health. Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

    • Thank you! WG is indeed fabulous. But you should really see him strutting his kitty stuff on the catwalk. He’s a male meow-del!

      I used to get the same sinus infections when I worked around kids but after a while I got over the hump. I’ve been training heavily since August of last year, so I think it has to be the new gym environment. Before I was working out in a private personal training studio with a smaller client base and also at home. I’m sure in time my body will once again give the middle finger to the sinus crap…meanwhile prevention with foods like garlic and broccoli is key!

      • I had not heard that song before but I must say, I’m a big fan and so is WG. Going to have to listen to more of their stuff!

        The docs will often prescribe antibiotics which is precisely what I’m trying to avoid. If I get it again within the month then I’ll break down and ask for the meds. I’m over it now! Been better for a few days. 🙂

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