Save The Kitties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t ask for help often, but for the love of cats! I used to volunteer at Purrfect Pets Cat Adoptions back when they were located at Metcalf South Mall across from my current workplace. The mall was old and never got much traffic. A handful of stores were still open and there had been talk for years of bulldozing the place. If Purrfect Pets could afford it they definitely would have moved somewhere nicer. To make their situation worse, some rotten teenagers came in one day and stole the box containing a bunch of donation money. Then the mall finally closed down and they were given a few months to find a new place of residence. It was a crazy and anxiety-ridden time hunting for a new place where they could afford the rent and keep the already fragile organization going (funds were dwindling even before the donation box was stolen). In the end they relied on news crews coming out to publicize their predicament. After that, donations and volunteers rolled in and a brand-spankin’ kickass new cat center was created at another mall. It took a ton of work but man was it a huge improvement.

Fast-forward to now, several months later: this wonderful organization needs your help for they have fallen under unfortunate circumstances yet again. The mall they are currently at just announced they are closing down and so Purrfect Pets has to find a new home once more. Any donations are appreciated, $5, $10, whatever. The kitties need your help. ❤

To donate please check out their GoFundMe page, read the story and watch the video for more info:

Wolfgang says spread the kittylove!



Wolfgang ‘n yours truly, 2014.


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