A Day in the Life

I was listening to The Beatles song “A Day in the Life” and then decided that would be the theme of today’s post.

It’s Sunday morning (today) and I’m waking up fuzzy from a beautiful dream where I’m in the forest cuddling with woodland creatures, hibernating through the winter. I then realize that my cat Wolfgang is sprawled over my back, head nestled by mine and purring contentedly in my ear. I think about how lucky I am (and how much nicer this is than sleeping next to a human, at least from what I’ve experienced). I drift back to sleep and wake up again a couple hours later. This time Wolfgang is absent, though not far away.

“Mrwooorwrrrr!!!!!” he calls from the floor. I lean over the bed and see two gold, imploring eyes. Translation: My bowl is empty, so get the fuck out of bed and feed your feline or there will be CATastrophic consequences!

“MEOW.” This time it’s getting more serious. I sigh and begrudgingly pull myself out of my glorious blanket cocoon. I trudge through the hallway, narrowly miss a little pile of fresh cat barf (payback for sleeping in), and dutifully refill the food and water bowls like the skilled servant I am.

I also take care of my 6 plant friends, lovingly watering them and opening all the blinds so the gorgeous sunlight dazzles the length of my apartment. I adore morning sun. Speaking in hushed tones, I give the plants compliments. What creepy plant lady doesn’t talk to her plants? “Looking good today, Phil.” He’s a Philodendron. Ivy the ivy has some new buds forming. “That’s bitchin’,” I say, giving her a little pat.

“Meowwww.” Translation: EXCUSE ME, I require your attention immediately.

“I haven’t even had my breakfast yet,” I tell the grey fluff ball with four legs.

“Rwor?” I know exactly what he needs. I find his favorite toy, a catnip-filled carrot that has wedged itself between the couch cushions. I pet him for a minute and then I hurl the carrot across the room. He sprints away and attacks the helpless veggie. I make some coffee even though I’ve been trying to quit drinking coffee for health reasons. Why did I make coffee? Because…coffee. 🙂 I scramble some eggs with peppers, grab a leftover scone from yesterday’s baking spree, and sit down to check emails and listen to some tunes. A new blog post is born.


Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

    • I’ve become enamored with music from the 60s-70s the past year or so. Can’t get enough. I’ve been wondering what you’re up to! I thought I had subscribed to your blog, but I’m looking on there now and I see I’ve missed many posts. Is there even a button to subscribe? I’m not seeing one.

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