This is What 3 Months With a Personal Trainer Looks Like

When I told friends I was going to be working with a personal trainer, many of them acted surprised because they didn’t think I was “big” to begin with. Truth is, I was pretty good at hiding my flaws with clothing that hid the worst areas and accentuated the best. I’d gained about 20lbs over the course of several years because of switching from an on-your-feet labor-intensive job to a desk job, and not saying “no” when anyone brought treats to work (which was ALL the time) as well as going out to eat with coworkers and my boyfriend several times a week. When I exercised, it was a couple workout videos a week mixed with a few brisk 30-minute walks.

So I increased the workout videos and walks along with cleaning up my diet a great deal. I would drop a few pounds but then gain them back. I finally had my thyroid levels tested but everything was normal. My self-esteem plummeted further and I knew I was in trouble. It also occurred to me that I was on the path to diabetes like my father. Totally frustrated, I finally enlisted the help of Amber Hanton at HitchFit. HitchFit is a private personal training gym that specializes in transformations. For 3 months I went in 2x a week for an hour at a time. I was given a custom meal plan and I worked my tail off with strength training combined with a little cardio. Outside of my 2 sessions I was to do cardio 5-6 days a week and during the 3rd month I added more strength training at home.

I cringe when I look at the before pictures but man am I happy now! And I want to be able to inspire others as well, so that’s why I am sharing these. I’m currently at 20% body fat which means we did reach the initial goal we set! But I would like to tone up even further and get down to a bit lower than 18% or whatever it takes to see those abs. So I’m still going strong on my own and I’m also happy to announce that in the not so distant future I will be studying to become a personal trainer myself. I’ve been so inspired by my little journey that I’d like to share the love and help others.  It would be especially cool to work with children and teens. I can’t get enough and am constantly reading about fitness and nutrition. This is a permanent lifestyle change for me and I’ve never felt better both physically and mentally.





PS check out HitchFit if you like – they have a couple locations in the Kansas City area and do online training as well. Amber was a great fit for me and a blast to work with. It’s not only fitness and nutrition – they also act as life coaches. Highly recommended! I’m ready to become a master shredder.


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