Lauren Gets Fit

So I finished my 3-month program working with a personal trainer and I could not be more pleased with the results. I feel like the money I spent was a lifelong investment. I now know exactly how to eat and work out in order to achieve and maintain the body I desire. I lost 11% body fat so now I’m down to 20% body fat which means I’m in the “athletic zone” and we reached the initial goal we set. 🙂 I’m 16lbs lighter but also gained a good deal of muscle mass. I went down from a size 10 to a size 4 in clothing.

Previously I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough and I tended to do the same workouts over and over. I didn’t do the right combination of cardio and weight resistance training and I’m sure I had pretty bad form on some of the moves I used to do. As for nutrition, I surprisingly learned a lot even though I read a lot of nutrition articles and books. My skin cleared up and I almost never get any pimples now except a few around that awful time of the month. I’d like to post my before/after pictures but I don’t have them back yet from my trainer. SOON!

Because it’s nearing the holidays I’ll probably have a few cheat meals here and there but I’m otherwise going to continue to do exactly what I’ve been doing as I’d like to lose a little more weight and get uber-toned. This is a lifestyle change so I will never go back to my old eating habits. Once I get down to where I want then I can adjust my workout regimen a little bit and stay in maintenance mode. I am so amazed though at how much my legs have shrunk. I didn’t even think it was possible!

I have some other exciting news to share as well, but not until my next post.

Until next time…here’s a cat photo for you:


Wolfgang looks a little chunky but I assure you he doesn’t need to see a personal trainer – he’s almost all fluff!


9 thoughts on “Lauren Gets Fit

  1. Good for you! I finally broke my addiction to soda, more specifically Dr. Pepper, but I’m disappointed that I haven’t lost weight over the last month. I need to work out again! Hope all else is swell.

    • I don’t have the before/after photos back from my trainer yet! In my post I said I’d share next time. 😉 And thanks, I have worked extremely hard these past 3 months. I have soda maybe a couple times a year (rootbeer!) but I know it’s so hard to cut for some people. My dad has been drinking his Diet Pepsi on a daily basis for at least the last 20 years. If you drink any fruit juice at all you might try cutting that as well. Other than this fabulousness I am doing well for sure. I am newly single so that means more ME time – good for focusing on continual body goals, writing goals, and other fun stuff.

      • Oh, I missed that part of the post. Heh.

        Yeah, I might have a little soda couple times a week, still, but it’s a lot better than a 2-liter a day, like before. Ha. I switched to drinking Zevia over the last few months, which is expensive, but it helped so much in breaking my DP addiction. I mainly drink skim milk, tea, and water (ewe!). Not much of a juice drinker. Too acidic. I get acid reflux easily.

        You broke up with that last dude? Sorry to hear, but I hope it’s for the best. Welcome back to my world. Maybe you’ll find a fellow fitness hottie. 😊

      • I don’t mind sweetened almond milk, but I couldn’t handle the unsweetened. Most people seem to not like skim milk for your same reason, so you’re not alone. Now, if I drink 2%, it tastes like drinking cream to me.

        Thanks for the link. I shall check it out!

    • A 2-liter a day is pretty insane! 😀 Surprised you still have teeth, hehe. I can’t do skim milk – can’t get used to it it’s like water mixed with milk. Instead I’ve been drinking only unsweetened plain almond milk, water, black coffee, and sometimes tea. I use Stevia if I need to sweeten something.

      He broke up with me actually, but it was going to happen regardless of who initiated. As for a fitness hottie, that would be nice if I could find someone interested in living a similar lifestyle.

      Hope all is well with you! I found a cool site for people who want to get in shape – has a lot of good articles and resources, good exercise routines for people who don’t go to a gym, etc:

    • I’m with you, I actually don’t drink the stuff plain. I use it for my protein shakes and also in recipes. I would drink it with cake or cookies, though…not that I’m eating cake or cookies now – but I used to. At the same time I’m still interested in the French paradox – they seem to have low rates of heart disease and yet their diet is filled with butter, cheese, and other fattening things.

  2. Awesome Lauren!! You are one inspirational lady! I would love to see how a personal trainer could push me out of my comfort zone, it sounds like your trainer is excellent. Miss you friend! Let’s hang soon.

    P.S Love the pic of Wolfgang…he’s soooo fluffy!! ; )

    • Thanks m’love! It was definitely out of my comfort zone – every week we did something new which I thought was the most heinous exercise EVER. Nobody screamed at me, it wasn’t like boot camp or anything. But I was sweatin’ like a hog, hahaha. Wolfgang sends you a headbutt and his love. And…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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