Project Gothify

As some of you know, I live alone with my cat in a small space.



Wolfgang Catadeus, my classically-trained feline

My studio apartment has a ton of natural light. And being the gothy girl that I am, I knew that I had to paint the walls black.

Not that I have anything against light – I would go nuts living in a dark, confined space all day. But design-wise, it works well with the light and high ceilings. The overall effect is quite elegant. The black contrasts with the white ceilng, trim, and fireplace.



These are photos from around the time I moved in. I have since added artwork and decluttered even more. I will have to make a follow-up post with current photos.

And the black walls aren’t all, oh no. I gothified the switchplates and wanted to share with you my latest project, gothifying my lampshade.


It started out as an ordinary all-white lampshade. I’ve had it since I was in middle school I believe. I don’t have a photo of the lamp before I painted the base and trim a metallic black, so you’ll just have to imagine an all-white lamp.


So after I painted the base and the bottom/top of the shade black, I added black lace, beaded trim, and a green lightbulb. Voila! Instagoth. In case you were wondering, I used parcel paper to trace the lampshade and buy the proper amount of fabric, then cut the fabric with scissors and used a glue gun to attach it and the beaded trim.

Img_0822 Img_0815 Img_0813


7 thoughts on “Project Gothify

    • I just found a few online tutorials. I might as well go into the lamp refurbishing business now (gothic clientele only). 😀 As for goth cat, he’s brooding in the darkest corner of my apartment right now. He wanted tuna but I gave him canned pumpkin this morning. Terrible mistake. And thank you! I have been wondering how you’re doing, what’s going on, etc.

  1. Looks good! I was skeptical of black walls, but you’re right. It does balance well and doesn’t look too dark. I might even do that one day. Nice crafty goth touch with the lamp. I’m typing this while wearing a solid black t-shirt.

    • Thanks, Dan. Before my dad would help me paint (I had never done it before) I created a presentation for him on why black walls made sense in my apartment. He appreciated the thorough research and logical reasoning. 😀 You should try it, it is very calming and helps me sleep at night. Candles look great, too. You can never go wrong with a black t-shirt. It’s one of my favorite things to see a guy wear. They are underrated. I like simple but edgy.

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