Treasures To Be Found In Northeast Kansas City

Ryan decided to take me on a surprise trip through Cliff Drive on Saturday – unfortunately we found that this scenic byway is closed to vehicles on the weekends. The goal is to get more people to hike and bike along the trail. We quickly discovered while driving through the surrounding neighborhoods that Northeast Kansas City is full of breathtakingly beautiful historic homes.

Take these for instance:

Img_7872 Img_7873

These magnificent beauties are next door to each other. And….WAIT. Is that a CASTLE?!!! Yes ladies and gentleman…we have a castle in Kansas City. I later did some research and found out that it’s called Tiffany Castle, and it was built shortly after 1900 by Dr. Flavel B. Tiffany. It sits on the Cliff Drive bluffs overlooking the Missouri River. And my jaw dropped when I found out it was for sale. Now I just have to come up with $600,000. Haha, actually…although it is one stunning castle, I would rather live in one of the Victorianesque mansions shown above. I’m picky about my castles. I looked at the real estate link online and the interior of the castle is somewhat disappointing.

100-Garfield ISd8jgktt9udds1000000000 tiffany_castle Tiffany-Castle_20130411175348_640_480

I have always wanted to explore Kansas City further, so I can’t wait to go back to Cliff Drive. We noticed a cool disc golf area, the Kansas City Museum which I’d like to check out, and even more incredible homes from afar. Unfortunately there are mixed opinions about the safety of this area, although supposedly it’s going through a renaissance of sorts, so I’ll be keeping my eye on it for sure.


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