Prehistoric Girl

Photo by Dustin Draper

Hi, my name is Prehistoric Girl. Ugg.

I was perfectly happy living without a cellphone until a couple years ago when I finally caved in. I was missing out on social activities since nobody could text me. It really worked out well for a period of time – if an emergency arose, I would just use someone else’s cell phone. It was a pretty big deal when I finally got one. Of course by that time, most of my friends had Smart Phones or fancy whatever phones. They congratulated me when I sent my first text on my (now Stone Age) phone. With lots of practice, I can text pretty quickly these days – even without a spiffy roll-out keyboard.

When others graduated from their old Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System to bigger, better and more complicated game consoles, I held onto mine with a fierceness you wouldn’t believe. Give me a playstation, N-64, Xbox or Wii and I won’t know what to do with it.

I have been without cable TV for years, and normal TV for nearly 2 years. I was only watching DVDs on my analog TV. Just bought my first digital TV recently, and was baffled with all the new terms I had to learn – HDTV, LCD/Plasma, HDMI Cables…it was getting ugly. Now I need to buy an antenna and dvd player (perhaps blu-ray?) which entails even more hair-pulling.

When I see people using their Kindles, it makes me die a little bit inside. I so love the feel of a book and real paper in my hands. I enjoy seeing shelves filled with all sizes and colors of books. It has an old-world feel to it. I find a sense of happiness and peace walking around in a bookstore – all that would be lost looking on a little screen and downloading stories – they wouldn’t smell like a fresh book smells. And curling up on the couch with my cat, a cup of tea and a little computer screen? No! No, I will not have that sort of rubbish. I need the cover, the spine, the artwork, the stiff paper between my fingers. Capiche?

I also enjoy writing real letters. I’ve maintained a relationship with my Swedish penpal for over 15 years. We’re facebook friends, but we never talk to each other on there. I admit there are advantages to technology – and I can’t complain about the enjoyment I get from making blog posts – but I still feel prehistoric in a lot of ways. It doesn’t help that I love eating meat (ugg! meat), or that I keep a pet woolly mammoth in my apartment’s basement.

I’m behind the times, but being dragged forward into the inevitable. It pains me to see couples eating a restaurants, ignoring each other and texting on their phones instead. Children at the dinner table unable to hold conversations…instead engrossed in their own little cellphone world. Accidents occurring on the road due to…yup. You get the picture.

Photo by Ricky Miller

There’s me again, Prehistoric Girl. And that’s how I feel sometimes about technological advancements. It’s a love-hate thing…medical technology good, yes. And some other things, even entertainment-oriented, are pretty badass. But in a sense – are we getting that bored that we have to have all these crazy high-tech things to keep us entertained?  Take a deep breath. We live in a place where people are in a huge hurry, need convenience items and require high-tech gear to keep up with a supersonic-paced lifestyle. I think we’re missing out on richer, fuller lives – maybe we could learn a thing or two from Europeans.

If you need me I’ll be outside.

XoXo, Prehistoric Girl


7 thoughts on “Prehistoric Girl

  1. I agree I hate it when people sit around together in a restaurant or bar and just play with their phones instead of talking. There’s no point in even being out together. I understand the occasional awkward silences where you decide to check your phone or have to text someone, but when people just sit there and play games or browse Facebook, it drives me nuts, like, I’m sure they don’t do that enough by themselves. Or, almost worse, I’d sit around at Kate E Kabuum’s apartment with Drew and and few other friends, and they’d all sit there in the living room playing on their laptops, not talking, while I just sat there staring around the room because I didn’t have one. I started making fun of them, calling them laptop parties. At least if you watch tv or a movie together, you’re at least engaging in the same thing, even if you’re not really talking. Technology is great for a lot of things, like you said, but I, too, hate how it’s made us all socially regress in an in-person, verbal communication sense. We’re all going to start speaking in text abbreviations soon, like a bunch of walking, talking computers. Hell, some annoying people already do when they say things like, “OMG!” There should be a law to allow us to slap people like that without repercussions.

    • Well said. And, if I had a nickel for every time I heard someone speaking in text abbreviations, I’d be able to buy you a laptop. 😀 Yeah, I could picture you at one of those “laptop parties.”

      D: “How’s everybody doin’ tonight?”

      D: “So this guy walked into Taco Bell…” ** Silence**

      D leaves and goes to Taco Bell, comes back with a fat, squishy burrito. Everyone looks at him when he comes in and whines about how he didn’t bring anything back for them.

      D: “Why don’t you cry about it on your facebook status, bitches! Thank you, I’ll be here all week…”

  2. Wow! You were a cool cave girl. I think it’s gotten worse now with the technology distraction. I’m often viciously attacked for not achieving intellectual orgasm in 3 seconds so I can move on to the next distraction faster. Life isn’t about how many distractions one can achieve in the shortest amount of time using an electronic device. But very few people know that and fewer still can live comfortably when the electricity goes out or the batteries die. I even read that battery death anxiety is now considered a treatable disease. It appears that smartphone owners can develop physical illness from the anxiety caused by a battery running out of power before the person can recharge. That’s sad considering all the recharge and battery life extension technology out there. I’m thinking cavegirl and caveman life might be less stressful.

    • I did finally upgrade to a smartphone! I’m glad I did, but I feel the pull of it all too often. Just yesterday I read that a man in Las Vegas married his phone because that’s been his longest, closest relationship.

      Not surprised at all about battery death anxiety! Ha. I still try to maintain a modern-day cave girl way of life when I can. Yesterday I offered my TV and DVD player to my parents. My dad has a nicer, newer TV but the main TV in their living room is an old analog one. I hardly use mine and I can watch movies on my laptop or at someone else’s place. Plus it will be one thing less to move in a couple months.

      • Oh, that moving thing. I can remember all my worldly possessions were carried on my back and it was still too much. I was always looking for something to downsize. Water, the absolute necessity was the heaviest thing to carry. I didn’t count ammunition. You can never have too much of that. Think of everything in terms of chocolate, water, and ammo. What do you need, what do you want, and what will keep the evil at bay. Life is easy after that.:D

      • I’m in awe of people who can live like that, with just enough stuff to fit in a backpack. A necessity for nomads. I think I need a place to call home, though. Chocolate is a MUST! smart way to think, using those 3 questions. If I had it my way I’d live in a little cabin somewhere in the woods.

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