Frisky Bubbles

If you love Bed Head by Tigi products, you might as well try their line of grooming products for pets: Pet Head.

I used Frisky Bubbles, a waterless foaming shampoo for kitty cats. It smells like strawberry yogurt! All products are pH adjusted and free of paraben, sulfate, DEA, and are cruelty free.

Wolfgang enjoyed being rubbed down with the strawberry scented foam. Okay, not really. But he sure looks pretty…and smells GREAT! I also bought some herbal mint deodorizing cat wipes by Whisker City. I used them to wipe up his stinky, long-haired kitty rump, which is a popular hangout for unsightly dingleberries.


…if he were around other male kittycats they would likely taunt him for smelling like foofoo strawberry yogurt, but he’s an indoor cat so that spares him the embarrassment. He’s metrosexual now.


6 thoughts on “Frisky Bubbles

    • Long-haired kitties are a bit high maintenance. If I don’t brush him regularly he grows dreadlocks. I wish I grew them that easily, but unfortunately my experiment growing real dreadlocks didn’t go so well. So far, no hecklers! Everyone says how lovely he always looks.

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