Kitten Party: in-depth review

Endless times, my boyfriend and I had browsed through the Redbox selections at Walmart. It was in the past few weeks that the choices weren’t capturing my attention. Well, except for one: Kitten Party.

I saw the cover. I saw the adorable furballs on the front. I read the short description about the film: “Meet Whiskers and all of his kitten friends as they throw a fun filled Kitten Party! Educational for kids Fun for animal lovers of all ages! Over 50 kittens from a dozen different breeds. Hilarious kitten antics and cuddly kitten moments! Three sing-along kitten songs! Two bonus playpen chapters for more kitten fun! Shot in high definition!”

I thought about it, and decided I needed more kittens in my life. Especially kitten sing-along songs.

The fact that I even clicked on the movie to read the description was disturbing enough for my boyfriend.  He said, “You can’t be serious?! No…” and shook his head. I looked up at him with my bright, round kitten eyes. Like this:

This 70 minute film full of dozens of cute fuzzy kittens made the little girl inside of me scream, “OMG KITTENZ! GET TEH FILM!!! YOU CAN HAS IT FOR $1.00!!!!!!”

“Really…?” the boyfriend couldn’t believe it. We’d seen it so many times at Redbox before and I had joked about getting it, but deep inside I secretly wanted to see it. Now was the time to let my real feelings out. I wanted to see Kitten Party, damn it. And so I pushed the rent button as the boyfriend rolled his eyes.  He had passed the test, for any true, loving boyfriend would sit down and watch Kitten Party with his girl.

******** 1 hour later **********

After dinner I bounced over to the couch like a giddy little girl. “Come on!” I yelled. “Don’t miss this!” I popped in the DVD and waited to see my favorite animals. The boyfriend grumbled and sat down next to me, crossing his arms.”You happy now?” he asked. I grinned my big, stupid grin and nodded really hard.

Then we were bombarded with goofy kitten music and THIS:

Kitten after furry kitten pounced, jumped, ran, twirled and played  hide and go seek. There was also nap time, FOOD, frolicking outdoors and all sorts of sickeningly cute kitten activities. Less than half an hour after the movie started, the boyfriend crawled over to the bed and fell sleep. He had overdosed on kitten. Sadness indeed…

I on the other hand finished the whole 70 minutes and still can’t get enough kittens. I tried to sing along but it probably sounded like caterwauling so I stopped. I must say, there were some slow parts in the film, mainly because they used some of the same footage at various times, and I did feel pretty silly watching a children’s film by myself…but hey – I LOVE KITTENS! The movie was very informative as well – mentioning various breeds and the history of cats. And I am still happy that someone in this world decided that a movie about kittens needed to be made. So thank you, LongNeedle Entertainment for filling my evening with kittens. And thank YOU boyfriend for attempting to watch it, too.   🙂





6 thoughts on “Kitten Party: in-depth review

  1. I believe I must fall on the side of the boyfriend and sleep.

    “He said, “You can’t be serious?! No…” and shook his head. I looked up at him with my bright, round kitten eyes.”

    I also admire him for bowing to your kittenish charm. He’s a keeper. The movie should go back immediately.

  2. I wonder if Wolfgang was in residence at this time? Surely he would have enjoyed the movie with you. I like cats and kittens and all the Dragon Sisters go bonkers over kittens. Hmmmm…more evidence you could be a Dragon Sister. 😀

      • Bwaa haaaa haaa! I’m not saying anything. Mouth zipped. Not talking. Nope. Not gonna. (P.S. I approved access to the Dragons. Don’t forget to wear your Dragon Armor when you go in. It’s messy. I’ll clean it up. First I have to write it and then figure out the damage so I can fix it. Feel free to point out the worst offenses. That will help me save time. 😀

      • That’s a good boy. Thank you for access. I was terrified I’d get a bright red “ACCESS DENIED” email. I’ll get over there to check on things soon. I’ll be honest!

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