Bunnies That Want to Die

Thank you Andy Riley, for creating these dark, clever cartoons.







7 thoughts on “Bunnies That Want to Die

    • I was miffed when, that very year, I got a cute kitten calendar for Christmas instead of a calendar featuring these bunny cartoons. Buying calendars for one another is a Christmas tradition in my family. Dad is now banned from buying me calendars. Last time he bought one, it was a cupcake calendar while I was dieting and seeing a personal trainer.

      • I absolutely loved the bunny suicides. Is that bad? Poor Dad. What was he thinking? We men can really do poorly when it comes to guessing what most impresses daughters, wives, sisters, and/or girl friends. I think it’s genetic.

      • No, just makes you even cooler. Like Michael Jackson. I’m bad, I’m bad…really really bad (who’s bad?!). Dad redeems himself in other ways! 😀

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