“Give Yourself a Big Hand, YOU DID GREAT!!!”


There’s one person I can always count on to cheer me up, and that’s Denise Austin. It all began with spandex and hot beaches in the eighties. I’ve been a long-time fan of Denise Austin’s workout videos, and I’m never gonna stop squeezing my buns for that lady.


Allow me to tell you why: it doesn’t matter how fat I feel or how unmotivated – when I pop in that DVD, it feels like Denise is right there with me, my own personal cheerleader. Some may find her peppy attitude and phrases annoying, but I can’t help but smile and continue squeezing my buns.


Another reason I’ve stayed a fan for so long – I see RESULTS. When I use the vids on a regular basis, I do lose weight and tone my body. I can see it and I can feel it. My cheeks don’t swing around as much. Sure, you might say. If you follow any fitness DVDs on a regular basis you’ll lose weight. I’m not denying that. My point is, Denise’s vibrant, positive personality makes it seem like she truly cares, so I’m more likely to use her videos than other workout videos I own.


I’m also in total agreement with DA’s fitness and nutrition philosophy. She advocates staying fit naturally, not skipping meals, using real sugar and butter versus artificial sweeteners, practicing portion control, a balanced/nutritious diet, and of course, exercise. DA exercises 30 minutes a day. She doesn’t support fad diets or quick fixes.

In her videos, she practices a variety of methods including yoga, pilates, cross training, and aerobic exercise. In 1982 she had her very own TV show on KABC in Los Angeles. She was the fitness expert on NBC’s The Today Show for several years, and once again, she had her own show called Getting Fit on ESPN which ran for about 10 years. It continued as Denise Austin’s Daily Workout, moved to the Lifetime Television Network, and another show called Fit and Lite was added. These appeared until 2008.

She’s worked for over 25 years promoting health and fitness. Having created 85 workout videos, she was inducted into the Video hall of fame in 2003. DA also serves on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She was appointed by George W. Bush in 2002.  There are also numerous youtube videos posted by dudes who enjoy watching the bun shots and body gyrations. Here’s a smattering of quotes from random male fans:

“Denise has a nice crotch.”

“Best legs in the world!”

“Oooh how i would love to feel the sweet soft crush of her fine powerful thighs just tight enough to hold me captive and…”

I see where they’re coming from, but really – to me she’s been someone to look up to. A strong female role model. With killer buns.

Beautiful! That’s it!

So what prompted this blog is when I heard recently that she’s returning to TV! My darling Denise is back! According to her website, she says, “Starting January 3, I’ll be appearing daily on The Balancing Act, which airs weekdays from 7 to 8 a.m. (ET) on Lifetime. I could not be more excited! Every Monday I’ll be doing an upbeat 12–minute workout to start your week off with a bang. Then, tune in Tuesday through Friday for a “Daily Dose of Denise” — I’ll be sharing my best tips on cooking, staying energized, parenting, pets, nutrition and overall health!”

The only problem: I don’t have TV. I’ll see if I can find it online somewhere. Otherwise, I’ll go back to doing what I’ve always done – work out with her fabulous DVD’s. There’s just something magnetic about that breezy, energetic voice. And squeeze!

Check out www.deniseaustin.com for more info on my favorite fitness guru.


8 thoughts on ““Give Yourself a Big Hand, YOU DID GREAT!!!”

  1. Yeah, I would just like to say that I had read that Denise Austin was quoted in the Washington City Paper saying she was upset over lewd comments made about past clips on YouTube. According to the Washington DC weekly newspaper, Denise giggled when someone asked if she was aware that she’s become the object of so much perversion and said, “Now I’m worried!” She also said that she was totally unaware of it (yeah right!). I wonder if she has ever read any of the comments and giggled. Look up “Denise Austin Gets Indecent Exposure” to read the article.

    • Ha, thank you for the suggestion – I just read the article. If I were her I would be giggling – some of the comments are ridiculous enough to garner a chuckle. Most of them are nasty but as the article pointed out, it comes with the territory. Sex appeal and fitness naturally go together and Denise has been around for a long time…I’m sure she would just roll her eyes and giggle (or cringe) while reading a handful of them and move on. There are so many pervs and idiots commenting on YouTube for attention.

  2. I’m continuing my stroll through your awesome blog. While it can be embarrassing for people to know I’m also a male bipedal hominid, I don’t subscribe to our inability to admire a woman who has dedicated her life to helping others share what she has, which is a holistic approach to fitness and wellness without throwing metaphorical slobber and boogers around in public. Geez, where were their mothers and where was her belt? They need Sherrielock Holmes to tomato those buns. But, to be true to my gender’s calling, I must say she’s right. Well kept buns are breathtaking and the best way to control a man is to stop his breathing. It’s hard to be a raging @$$hole while holding your breath. 😀

    • Haha! You’re still at it, digging into my history. The comments I posted above are incredibly mild compared to what many lude dudes write on her videos. I suppose as a fitness professional this is something I may have to one day deal with. Buns are the best! I like to tell my lady friends with flat bottoms how it’s not impossible to grow bigger, shapely buns. Just like biceps, your glutes can grow too if you work them just right.

      • Oh my yes! No one should have an exercise regimen that excludes those important glutes. Nobody may know someone has a sixpack under that shirt but they’ll know if one’s trunk is sad. The strange thing about many male hominids is the lewder they get the more they are demonstrating their acceptance of the object of their dirty diatribe. We bond by farting, fighting, using long strings of the F-word in our discussion or by simply going bonkers in group harmony. Women have to be careful around men if they fart, like to fight, or use long strings of the F-word when talking. That can be mistaken for a friendship with benefits proposal. That could turn that speechless staring dude next to her into a stalker. In some cases, that may not be welcomed.

      • I just love your male insights. You need to write a book for women!! Or at least have your own comic strip. I could also picture you narrating one of those nature shows, only it’d be a show featuring the male hominid.

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